The Castle of Nokere

About twice a week I drive through a little town, called Nokere, where in the rural centre of it, is located the beautiful Castle of Nokere.
In the 16th century the fortress had been ravaged by fire and then rebuilt.
It was only at the end of the 18th century that the castle acquired his classical lines.

This castle is a jewel! A real Belgian Pearl!
The exterior as well as the interior is so elegant!

A few years ago , I was invited for the tea, by the lord of the castle, Baron Jean Casier.
He let me see the interior of the castle and told me about all the beautiful furniture and woodpaneling in the castle.
Unfortunately, Baron Casier passed over last year.

There are no images of the inside of the castle because to this very day the family Casier is living there.

Once a year , in the month of July, the park of the castle is open for public.
But in the surrounding area you can make a beautiful walk, where you can see different sides of the castle of Nokere.

Entrance of the castle

Baron Jean Casier

The bridge to the entrance

One of the sides of the castle that you can see by walking in the surrounding area.

Backside of the castle

The Park of the Castle.
The castle is surrounded by water.

Aerial view of the Castle of Nokere

I hope you have enjoyed this Belgian Pearl.
Have a nice sunday!
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Belgian Interior Design is setting tone!

Joni from Cote de Texas, did an amazing post of Belgian Design in her blogpost the other day.
As reading the comments on her post, she unchained a real discussion about Belgian Interior Design! She really did a good job, because writing a post that makes us thinking is very interesting!
As being a Belgian interior designer, it is so nice to read that almost all the readers of Joni's post, do love Belgian Design!

And it is true that if a certain design is "hot", from that moment on , it is brought to the masses!
Similar phenomenon is seen in fashion design.
So let us watch what Belgian Design is up to in future!

Indeed, to me, there is a difference between the real designers with their own thoughtful creations and the pseudo-designers with their look-a-like creations.
Question is: who are the real designers and who are the pseudo-designers?

Does the mass sees or feels the difference? Do we all have the perception of authenticity?

A thing to be sure of is, that when you visit the castle of Axel Vervoordt, our most famous designer, you feel pureness and authenticity in all the rooms of the castle!
I wonder what he would think about all this?

In addition to Joni's post , I would like to share some images of interiors, which are all from Belgian Designers (including my company).
Maybe, you will feel and see differences looking at them or you will notice the belgian craftsmanship...
I will not give any comment on the pics. My only intention is that you all enjoy them!

And Joni, thank you so much for adding Belgian Pearls to your bloglist!



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Roof is thatched !

A few days ago I showed you some images of our outbuilding , just before placing the roof.
Well, today the thatched roof is finished.






Do you like it?
So as now we have to start flooring, a couple of days ago, my husband and I went to the supplier of beautiful recuperation stone.
The blue stone we have chosen has a french origine! He's very beautiful and.... heavy as you can see on the image here below!

My husband and the supplier.

The stone is yet delivered and you can see him in front of the outbuilding.
So up to the following images of the placed floor ( I think that it won't be that soon...) !


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Brussels apartment

Today I'll show you some images of a beautiful apartment in the famous Avenue Louise in Brussels, that we have renovated .
We have designed the dining room, the living room and the librairy corner.
Everything is made in the workingplaces of my company Lefèvre Interiors.
As you can see there is a double door between the dining room and the living room.
The dining room is painted in a beautiful red that is matching well with the colour of the mahogany wood.

On the side of the dining room the door is coloured, on the side of the living room, the door is painted.
I do like the two cupboard niches on each side of the door.

The warm colour of the dining room and the more peaceful colour of the living room are a good choice of bringing in together to my opinion.

In the same room there is a hidden doorway to the hall. So the moulding that is placed around the room, is following on that doorway. Sorry that I don't have a better image of that doorway!

Her you see the side of the living room were the same double door is painted.
The height of the window ( where there is a radiator that we covered with wood ) was important for the height of the woodpaneling on the walls beside.

On the image above you can see the beautiful painted cabinet.
In the left corner you can notice the doorway and the fitting of the woodpaneling that is placed on the other wall.

On the left corner, again a door hidden in the paneling to achieve a symmetry with the right corner ,where is no doorway, but only a paneling.

And at least the librairy corner, where the chimney mantelpiece is flanked with open librairy bookcases in oak.

The mantelpiece is small but very elegant!

I hope that you have enjoyed my post of today?
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Accents of orange

Orange, what a wonderful colour!
Orange adds light and warmth into your house.
It is one of my favourite colours, so I try to bring it in my own as well as in my clients interiors.
You can easily combine orange with a lot of other colours : with black, white, brown, purple, green.
You can even use it in summer as in winterseason. It can be used in a classic, a modern or a contemporary interior.
An accent of orange can do enough to give your interior a warmer feeling!

A bouquet of roses in my own living room.

An orange cushion in my entry hal. When people enter they immediately feel the warmth of it.

Another accent of orange in my living room.

Orange with shades of brown and grey-blue.

Orange with dark-coloured wood.
Walda Pairon

Orange in a more contemporary interior.
Bénédicte Lecot

Purple linen seat covering with orange cushion.
Bénédicte Lecot

Beautiful to me! The inside of the cabinet is painted in a shade of orange.
And notice the colours of the rug.

Orange used in an entry hal.

Orange on a grey-blue floor.

A shade of orange for the curtains.
Brigitte and Alain Garnier

Just a little accent of orange in this living room of Brigitte and Alain Garnier.

Even Axel Vervoordt seems to like the glow of orange in his venetian appartment.

The fabric for this armchair from Axel Vervoordt.
Image : Mario Ciampi (Architectural Digest)

Orange candles and glassware.

Who does not like the warmth of the fireplace.

The orange glowing of using table lamps.
Brigitte and Alain Garnier

Velvet mix in brown-orange for the settee.
Brigitte and Alain Garnier

Orange coloured linen.
Brigitte and Alain Garnier

Decoration objects in orange.

Shades of orange in a painting from the Belgian Artist Scrivo.

My little bench was earlier covered in a brown fabric . The orange velvet contrasts much better with the dark coloured wood.

Everyone knows the famous Hermès-orange.

And this is a painting of a future artist : my niece Sarah Lefèvre.
She has made it for me 2 years ago when she was only 9 years old!
Gorgeous isn't it?
Thank you so much Sarah!
A nice weekend for everyone!
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