A B&B in my neighbourhood

If you ever plan to visit me in Belgium, then please read this post about a beautiful Bred & Breakfast in my neighbourhood, about 15min. drive from my home. I am sure you will love to stay there!

The beautiful B&B “Le Pavé” is located in the region of The Flemish Ardennes, surrounded by a picturesque décor with its shelving skyline and typical cobbled streets. So the region is very famous for the Belgian cycle-racing and in particular for the ‘Tour of Flanders’.

Peter and Angelique’s farm lies in the middle of the ‘Tour of Flanders’ route. The spirit of the cycle-racing is subtly present in their B&B. Peter Van Petegem (the owner) was a famous Belgian cycle-racer.

The name “Le Pavé” refers to the victory of Peter in the Paris-Roubaix  tour in 2003. Le Pavé (French word that means street stone) alludes to the cobble stones that are omnipresent in the Flemish Ardennes. 


Le Pavé 19

Beautiful view of  The Flemish Ardennes.


Le Pavé 14  Shelving skyline.


This picture is the view we have of the surroundings if we stay in our own garden.


28 www.sport.be

Typical cobbled streets.


Tour of Flanders.


Le Pavé 13

Another view of the region.


Le Pavé 26

  Ancient wind- and watermills are silent witnesses of the cultural resources.


Le Pavé 27

The Paris-Roubaix 2003 trophy of Peter = a cobble stone. It has become the symbol of the B&B “Le Pavé”.


Le Pavé 3

Le Pavé 12

Le Pavé 4 Le Pavé 23

Le Pavé 22   The cobble stones even reach to the farm’s courtyard.


Angelique has been engaged in interior design for years . She loved to decorate her beautiful B&B in a warm rural style!

Le Pavé 17Le Pavé 24

Breakfast corner.

Le Pavé 15

“Le Pavé” counts 2 elegant rooms : Suite Marie & Suite Victoria.

Le Pavé 6

Le Pavé 1

Le Pavé 9

Le Pavé 25

Le Pavé 7


Staying in “Le Pavé” means a carefree relaxing moment.

Le Pavé 5

Le Pavé 16

Le Pavé 28

Angelique and Peter

“Le Pavé” B&B


Le Pavé Bed & Breakfast

Meersestraat 16, 9667 Horebeke,  Belgium

I hope you enjoyed being introduced to this wonderful B&B in my neighbourhood and I hope to pick you up there one day!




All images of the website of Le Pavé except image of  my backyard , the typical cobbled streets and image of the Tour of Flanders.

Most of the text I took over from the text of Le Pavé website.

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Spring coloured images

Because I am very busy this weekend and I will not have enough time to blog, I posted some beautiful spring coloured images.

Enjoy and let spring into your home!


taverne agency 4






Lucyina Moodie 1 3.


agencya 4.










Marie Eriksson 28.  





Gordon beall 2












Keesd Terberg 2  14.


Michael J Lee 2



taverne agency 16.


Hope you will all have a beautiful spring weekend!



Image 1,3 & 5  Sorry, do not know source. Image 2  Zoom Interiors. Image 4,9,11,12 & 13 Taverne Agency. Image 6 Tim Clinch. Image 7 Beautifulism.blogspot.com. Image 8 Mari Eriksson. Image 10 Gordon Beall. Image 14 Kees Terberg. Image 15 & 16 Michael J.Lee.

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TEFAF Maastricht 2010



Every year I am a resolute visitor of THE EUROPEAN FINE ART FAIR in Maastricht, Holland.

Unfortunately this year I wasn’t able to visit the most beautiful art and antiques fair of the world!

So every day I was following all the news and information about the fair at their gorgeous website www.tefaf.com.

For those who are true art lovers, this is an annual “rendez-vous” , you should not miss!!!

This is the place to be!

About 260 exhibitors with more than 30.000 works of art.


Algemeen 7Beautiful Tulips of Holland can not be missed of course!


There is so much to discover at TEFAF. You really can’t believe your eyes!

There is a range of specialities from Medieval Sculptures to 20th-century Decorative Art.

Among the exhibitors you can find the most famous Art Galleries and Antique Dealers from around the world.



Text from the TEFAF website.


Here some general views : Algemeen 1

 Algemeen 2

Algemeen 6

Algemeen 5


Algemeen 3

To quench your thirst there is a beautiful decorated bar, called Café South.


Algemeen 4

Or do you prefer to eat sushi at the Sushi Fashion Bar?


Please go for a virtual tour visit at the TEFAF website : www.tefaf.com!


I post here a few wonderful pieces of art that I have discovered this week at the TEFAF website!

At Connaught Brown, UK

Foto 8 PicassoFoto 8 


At Cahn International AG, SwitzerlandFoto 2 Torso

Foto 2



At Applicat-Prazan, France

Foto 7

Foto 7 Schneider

At Didier Aaron, Paris, Londen, New York

Foto 3 Painting Foto 3



At Amells Konsthandel, Sweden

Foto 9 Amells

Foto 9



At Axel Vervoordt, Belgium

Foto 1 Lucio Fontana

Foto 1

I have to admit that our  Belgian Art and Antique dealer Axel Vervoordt is steeling the show at TEFAF with a gorgeous and surprising stand ! On his website his explanation to the Wabi Library and the pieces of art which you can discover at his TEFAF stand this year.


Text at the Axel Vervoordt website www.axel-vervoordt.com.




So off you go to the Tefaf website or for those who are able to make some time this weekend, the Tefaf fair is still open

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 March till 7p.m. (ET).

Logo Tefaf (2)




All images : website Tefaf :  www.tefaf.com

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