The art of storage


I just love the way Axel Vervoordt is storing furniture and decorative items.

 Kanaal, a former distillery complex at Wijnegem (near Antwerp) that the Axel Vervoordt company purchased in 2000, is the perfect location to store lots of antique furniture.

It is always so inspiring walking around the warehouses of Kanaal. Visiting Belgium, you really should visit this gorgeous site!

The way Axel Vervoordt is displaying his collection of antiques, turns every single piece into ‘a piece of art’ !

8Axel Vervoordt Photo credit Joël Laiter


7Axel Vervoordt Photo credit Joël Laiter


4Axel Vervoordt Photo credit Jan Verlinde


5Axel Vervoordt  Photo credit Jan Verlinde


1Axel Vervoordt  Photo credit Vincent Leroux


3Axel Vervoordt  Photo credit Jan Verlinde


2Axel Vervoordt  Photo credit Vincent Leroux


10Axel Vervoordt  Photo credit Guillaume De Laubier


6Axel Vervoordt  Photo credit Joël Laiter


What do you think about Axel’s smart way of storing furniture and decorative items?


For more information about Kanaal, click here. For opening hours, click here.

To know more about the Axel Vervoordt Company, click here.





I am so sorry for not knowing the names of the magazines where I found these images. The images, published in earlier issues of magazines, I filed long time ago and I only took note of the name of the photographer.

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A Huge Thank You To Nancy Meyers !


What do Belgian Pearls, Habitually Chic and Remodelista have in common?!

They are Nancy Meyers’ daily reads!

Yes indeed, THE Nancy Meyers, the writer/director of films like Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday and Father of the Bride.

Of course we do know Nancy here in Belgium, and love all of her gorgeous films!

A few days ago I received emails from readers telling me that Nancy had named my blog in a short interview in the latest issue of Elle Decor, titled ‘12 things she can’t live without’. Can you imagine how thrilled I was to hear that?! Was this correct?? Where could I see this interview as there are no copies of the issue to find in Belgium?

When finally I discovered the interview on Heather’s blogpost this week (see Habitually Chic blog), I realized this was true! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

Next to Habitually Chic and Remodelista, Belgian Pearls was named as one of Nancy’s favorite Home Decor Blogs.

Home Decor blogs


Elle Decor july - august 2012 coverElle Decor cover July-August issue 2012


Interview with Nancy MeyersNancy Meyers 12 Things She Can’t Live Without


Thank you so much Nancy! I feel so very honored !

I do hope you will still love reading Belgian Pearls in future!



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Catesby’s : the story of an English merchant’s house


‘Catesby’s’ is the name of an interior design store sheltered in a Georgian house at Catesby Court on the North Norfolk coast in the UK.

Because the Georgian style is my favorite English architectural and interior design style, the story about this house caught my interest!

So before I tell you more about the housed in interior design store, I need to tell you something more about this gorgeous residence.


Parts of the house date back to the 16th century, but it owes its current appearance to the 17th century (when Wells-next-the-Sea, in the county of Norfolk had a thriving port trading with the Hanseatic League of countries), when a wealthy merchant transformed it into the house we see today.  He was clearly inspired by European architecture, installing tall Belgian-style windows that flood the rooms with light.


The façade of the house has Belgian-style windows as you can see on a lot of old houses walking down the streets in Bruges or Antwerp.

48_57The courtyard of the house.

And guess what caught my job-related interest?!

Of course, the panelling! Almost every room of the house has its original Georgian panelling!


And all of this brought us to the current destination of this beautiful house!

Catesby’s is a collection of beautiful, useful and original items for the home and garden. Sourced from around the world, discoveries include elegant tableware, timeless furnishings, rare decorative objects and a charming range of everyday necessities.

Catesby’s was established in 2011 by Neil Honor and Jonathon Pegg.

Following a successful career in public relations, Neil took the plunge and set up a shop selling everything he loved, and nothing he didn’t, from panelled rooms in Catesby Court, their Georgian home.

Inspired by his time spent living and working in Paris, he drew upon the muted colours and elegant forms of classic French design and architecture to create a distinctive look that is at once timeless and of the moment.

Jonathon, meanwhile, took charge of The Courtyard, serving deliciously traditional refreshments throughout the summer, in an elegant Mediterranean setting. 

Together, they work tirelessly to track down the beautiful, the useful and the original, wherever it might be found.


A house with original panelled rooms, a dreamy setting for all of the Catesby’s vintage and antique pieces.

26_145Muted colours and soft tones.


27_134Beautiful Georgian panelling with arched doorway.


30_124Another one of the many panelled rooms in the house.


35_100Notice the patina of the ancient boarded floor.


42_72All the original elements of the house are preserved!


41_74Aren’t the old floor tiles just incredible beautiful!


29_120Hallway with checkerboard floor tiles.


49_54Panelled staircase in neutral tones.


63_33 (1)Again a gorgeous panelled room.


74_18How charming is this well-worn staircase!!!


37_87Awesome! What else can I say?!


75_15Notice that built-in cabinet here!


57_42One of the charming English bedrooms.


32_114Attic bedroom.


Catesby’s is a collection of beautiful, useful and original items for the home and garden, including elegant tableware, timeless furnishings, rare decorative objects and a charming range of everyday necessities.

The Catesby’s shop opened in April 2011.

I posted some pictures of the room – that once was a dusty, dark room! - now turned on to the beautiful Catesby’s shop.


Neil says : ‘We have been hugely influenced by the Belgian style and like to mix English, Belgian and French influences to create a timeless look.’



Neutral tones and natural materials abound, making it easy to choose pieces that work well together, and will instantly feel at home in any setting.


From all over Europe Neil sourced a collection of beautiful, usefull and original items for the home and garden.

The whole past year Neil and Jonathan spent time meeting and listening to their customers. They learned about what their clients loved and finally they felt ready to launch the Catesby’s online store.

The Catesby’s online store opened June 3rd, only 3 weeks ago !

Alongside the full range of items offered in the online store, there’s an ever-changing selection of vintage and antique pieces, gathered on travels throughout Europe and beyond.

And wherever you live, Catesby’s is offering you the possibility to order your favorite item online.

12_268Beautiful setting of some of the offered items,to discover at the Catesby’s online shop. If you love the obelisk table lamp, click here, if you love the African head, click here.


artist_folding_table_2_largeBeautiful China tableware (here) on a stylish artist folding table (here).


metal-chair2_largeTo know more about the industrial chair, click here.


fob_watch_mirror_1_largeOne of my favorite items, this classic fob watch mirror (here).


14_248Garden items at the courtyard.


2012-06-26_150802To discover the full range of items of Catesby’s online shop , click HERE.


The courtyard, that was once an overgrown and unloved yard, is now become the perfect place to relax and enjoy a reviving morning coffee, delicious light lunch or sumptuous afternoon tea.


From May until October, Jonathan is serving deliciously traditional refreshments at The Tea Garden.


I'm a big fan of people as Neil and Jonathan, who took up the challenge to restore a house with so much respect for the past and who made a huge effort to realize their dream of sheltering an interior design store in a gorgeous historical residence.

Congratulations to Neil and Jonathan! They succeeded in continuing the work of the former owner, and made of this ancient merchant’s house an original trading place.

I wish them both lots of success with the Catesby’s shop and online store! On my next trip to the UK, I would love to bring them a visit.




Staithe Street (opposite The Maltings),
NR23 1AQ






All images posted with permission of Neil Honor and Jonathan Pegg, owners of Catesby’s.

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A few things to share and only one thing to ask !


Hello my friends, after a very busy week, I am here again with a few things to tell and even one thing to ask.

First of all I am so pleased to tell you that the weather in Belgium was rather nice the past days and that all roses in our garden are blooming! Last year I already posted about the old garden roses we planted in Autumn 2009. 

2012-06-22_213547On both sides of the graveled garden alley, we planted our roses. On the left as on the right side you can see the ‘Aspirin’ rose (white/pink colored roses) and next to them at the right side we planted the old Bourbon roses : ‘Madame Isaac Pereire’, ‘Ulrich Brunner’ and ‘Honorine de Brabant’.

I just love to walk along the alley to sniff their wonderful perfume!

2012-06-22_213159  These are Ulrich Brunner roses. The roses have a wonderful texture, as they have velvet leaves.


P10Here you can see the ‘Aspirin’ roses.


2012-06-22_213442We even planted ‘Snow-White’ roses at the side terrace of our home.


2012-06-22_213113This is the ‘Kirr Royal’ rambler at the backside of our home. Doesn’t he look beautiful?


My friend Céline from the blog Céline Chollet Aquarelles painted an aquarel of me riding my sweet horse Mango. I received the aquarel a few days ago and I am very happy with it! Thank you so much Céline!


MANGO AQUARELLE DÉTAIL 2012Detail of the aquarel

If you would love to have an aquarel of your favorite horse, or of you and your horse, please contact Céline at


I discovered a wonderful blog that I absolutely have to share with you : ‘Horse Country Chic’.


Ann, the author is a country girl at heart, who lives in a 19th century restored house, somewhere between the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

“This blog is about celebrating the chic side of country life, for those who love it and everything that goes with: horses, hounds, cooking, entertaining, decorating, and being outdoors. This isn't guns and gardens but a sophisticated approach to living, one that is timeless and traditional, and will never go out of style.”, is to read at Ann’s blog.

If you love all things country live related and if you are a horse lover, please check out this marvellous blog!



And now I have a question for all of you, my dear readers.

For one of my client’s I am searching for a Swedish 18th century writing desk.

Is there anybody who can help me to find a Swedish Rococo writing desk as this one here? Or a look-a-like?

I would be very grateful for your help!



Foto 4 swedish antiques blogspot 2010-05 Bukowski Swedish Rococo Writing Desk 882


Source Avolli Anew


I wish you all a great weekend!



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