Ideas to change or to upgrade your room


Hello my friends, how are you today? And how is the weather like in your country? Here in Belgium it is raining at this very moment! Summer seems to forget our small country this year! I really need some sunshine…Let’s hope summer will come along in the month of June!


Today some great ideas to change or to upgrade your rooms.

What do you think about placing a small window to peep into that other room?

7Source here


Add console brackets onto the ceiling beams.

2Source unknown


My friend Leslie, owner of the Houston based company Segreto Finshes, painted a client's favorite wine label in a barrel ceiling in a wine room. Isn’t this a splendid idea?

To see more of the exquisite Segreto Finishes projects, visit their website HERE. You all should start to follow Leslie’s beautiful and inspirational blog HERE. Leslie is posting a lot of her projects in progress!  So interesting to see the ‘before and after’ pictures.

1Segreto Finishes    Source FB page Segreto Finishes


Try to bring in the fire place under the staircase of your entry hall. So inviting!

5John Saladino   Source here


Do you need more storage? Don’t worry! Make a drawer of every step!

12Source here


Go for a a cube patterned floor. This will give your room a completely different dimension.

6Lapicida    Source Homes & Gardens – May 2013


Decorate a niche with a drawing.

13Source here


Closet hooks that are functional and decorative at the same time.

10Source unknown


Make your bathroom accessories and products invisible !

8Antonio Lupi   Source here


Choose some original hardware for your kitchen cabinetry.

3Source unknown


Are you a dog lover ? Well then, look at these great ideas to enter the pet bowls into your kitchen !

Notice the bone shaped front opening on the drawers !!!

11Source here


Great idea for the biggest of your darling ones!

15Source here

I hope these ideas inspired you ?



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Inspiring spaces


Inspiring spaces to share with you today.

Enjoy !

5Michael S Smith via Mark D. Sikes


2 Via Linen & Lavender


1Via Morning T


6Will Fisher via Remodelista


4Via FB page Eaton Square Blog


3Via The Bella Cottage


Happy Weekend !



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A beautiful story !


Dear readers,

I want to thank you for the nice comments on my previous blogpost about the kitchen our company manufactured!

I so appreciate your thoughts about our work and projects of Lefèvre Interiors.


As I was in the UK the previous days, I found a wonderful article in the daily newspaper The Times ! I absolutely had to share this with you today!!

1Scanned from The Times Tuesday May 21 2013

Isn’t that marvellous?!!!



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A kitchen designed for a Belgian castle


I would love to share with you today some pictures (they are not professional taken!) of a kitchen we recently installed in a Belgian castle.

Peculiar to castles are the tall ceilings. This room has a ceiling height of about 4 meters (13 feet).

This kitchen is completely custom made, according to time-honored techniques and traditions.


The kitchen is executed in light stained oak. For the countertops, kitchen cooker wall and floor is chosen for a carrara marble.

All kitchen appliances are built in.


9Cooking area with concealed extract hood and the gorgeous La Cornue Château cooker.


PlanDetail of the the technical plan of the kitchen.


A few pictures of the kitchen progress in the workshop of LEFEVRE INTERIORS.

Workshop 6Oak panel to conceal the kitchen extractor fan

Workshop 3Console brackets

Workshop 1My husband and one of our employees, inspecting the glazed cupboard doors


1 The famous La Cornue Château cooker


Workshop 2Making of the kitchen cabinet doors


7Kitchen isle installed


Workshop 5Kitchen isle in progress

Workshop 8Kitchen isle corner supports


11Kitchen faucets by Volevatch


Workshop 4Montage of the kitchen in the workshop of LEFEVRE INTERIORS

Workshop 7Ready to leave our workshop

Montage 1

Montage of the kitchen in our client’s home

Montage 2


Finished kitchen



A special thank you goes to our clients Mr and Mrs D. for their confidence in our company and their appreciation for the Belgian craftsmanship.


I wish you all a great start of this new week!



If you would like us to help designing and manufacturing your kitchen, feel free to contact us at

For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website at

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Cabinets of curiosities

Since ancient times wealthy people are collecting the most diverse objects in cabinets of curiosities.
The term ‘cabinet’ originally described a room rather than a piece of furniture, a room filled with books, art and objects of study. Curiosity rooms emerged in the 16th century although we do know that more rudimentary collections existed yet earlier.
Cabinets of curiosities or Cabinets of Wonder, Kunstkammern, Wunderkammern (German) or Cabinets de curiosités (French),  originated in European Renaissance and their collections consisted of types of objects whose categorial boundaries were yet to be defined. They displayed a wide assortment of rare and unusual objects.
Today all these objects would be categorized as belonging to natural history, geology, religion, works of arts and antiquities.
Obviously, cabinets of curiosities were limited to those who could afford to create them. They are regarded as the precedents of the public museums and galleries.

1Painting by Frans Francken (II) - Antwerp, A Collector’s Cabinet,1625  Source

Since the 17th century case furniture started to function as cabinets of curiosities.
7Andrea Domenico Remps - Italy, A Cabinet of Curiosity, c.1690 Source

The cabinet became very popular in 18th century. As this Cabinet Bonnier de la Mosson created by Joseph Bonnier de la Mosson (1702 - 1744). He was a French aristocrat who loved science and began collecting weird stuff, like exotic insects, snakes, shells and birds. His collection can be found in the library of the Natural History Museum in Paris.
2 Cabinet Bonnier de La Mosson - Bibliothèque centrale du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris. Source

3Cabinet Bonnier de La Mosson  Source
4Cabinet Bonnier de La Mosson  Source
5Cabinet Bonnier de La Mosson  Source
6Cabinet Bonnier de La Mosson  Source

The Cabinet Lafaille at the Museum of La Rochelle, France is a very rococo styled,19th century curiosity cabinet stuffed with coral, reptiles and birds.
 Cabinet de curiosités Clément Lafaille, après 1766. Style néoclassique. Muséum d'histoire naturelle de La Rochelle.  Source
 9An early 18th-century German Schrank with a traditional display of corals (Naturkundenmuseum Berlin).  Source

The cabinet of curiosities of today does not have to be traditonal, or contain valuable items. Just stuff it with your personal favorite objects or those you brought along from several journeys.
Make it your private collection!

10 Decorator and antiques dealer Franck Delmarcelle

13Interior designer Natalie Haegeman

16Antiques dealer Herwig Simons

Tell me! Do you feel tempted to create your own private cabinet of curiosities ?
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