Restaurant interiors by Axel Vervoordt


Today I would love to introduce you to 3 restaurants, of which the interior is designed by our Belgian decorator and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt.

For these restaurant interiors Axel has chosen for an earthy tones color palette.

The first restaurant is the ‘Atelier Privé’ restaurant of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Germany.

2Source here

Restaurant tables with the Axel Vervoordt Home Collection Gainsborough Desk Chair in the Atelier Privé gourmet restaurant of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel.

Notice the limewashed walls.

8Source here

Linen upholstered and slipcovered dining chairs.

1Source here

Slipcovered ‘Folding chairs’ from the Axel Vervoordt Home Collection.

9Source here

10Source here




The second restaurant is restaurant ‘The Roji’, situated in a medieval cellar, in the historical center of Antwerp, Belgium.

The Japanese word Roji means ‘garden path’.

This restaurant is recommended if you love the Japanese kitchen.

The 13th century basement is a unique location to book your dinner visiting Antwerp.



Wabi Sabi inspired interior design by Axel Vervoordt.



Enjoy a drink in front of the open fire before having dinner.







The third restaurant is ‘Sir Anthony Van Dyck’ in Antwerp.

The restaurant is named after the Flemish Baroque painter Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641).The building is fully restored in the 17th century spirit, by Axel Vervoordt.


Plastered walls and authentic floor tiles.


The restaurant with its warm color palette.


Again the slipcovered dining chairs, a trademark of Axel Vervoordt.

Last year we had our first Belgian blogger meeting in the restaurant Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Read my blogpost about this meeting here.

15Picture by me

14Our last year’s blogger meeting at the restaurant Sir Anthony Van Dyck.






If you ever visit one of these restaurants, please let me know your thoughts!

Wishing you a great start of this new week!



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Paneled room


In an earlier post I shared some pictures of a client’s living room, paneled by our company Lefèvre Interiors.

As we finished the installation and the paneling patina, we started to decorate the room.

I already posted a picture of the chandelier we found for this room. Today you will see the other lighting fixtures and the first piece of furniture, chosen to enrich this living room.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (05) French antique chandelier and French LXV appliques.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (011)Antique French chimney piece with the French LXV-styled appliques above.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (08)This beautiful antique oak console table is the first furniture piece we brought into the room.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (06)I really love the bronze picture lights above this pair of 18th century French portraits.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (09)The piano is flanked by a pair of 18th century Italian sconces.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (07)Antique Italian sconce.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright 0(10)Window shutters.


In a next post about this living room, I will post about  the window treatment and about the living room furniture.

Lefèvre Interiors copyright (013)All pictures by me for Lefèvre Interiors.


To be continued…


What are your thoughts about this room so far? I would love to hear!



If you would like us to help designing and manufacturing your paneling, feel free to contact us at

For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website at

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Three designers with their own kind of lamp shades


The interiors of Walda Pairon, Pam Pierce and Natalie Haegeman are trademarked with their personal  lamp shade design.

Paying attention to the design of lamp shades is probably a distinctive mark of female designers.


Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon loves to work with trapezium shaped lamp shades.

8Walda Pairon

12Walda Pairon  Photo credit Claude Smekens

9Walda Pairon  Picture by me

10Walda Pairon  Picture by me

11Walda Pairon  Picture by me


Rectangular shades are noticed in the interiors of American designer Pam Pierce.

4Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

5Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

3Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

7Pam Pierce  Photo credit Peter Vitale

1Pam Pierce  Photo credit Laura Resen for Veranda


Pleated, handsewn lamp shades are the trademark of Belgian designer Natalie Haegeman.

14Natalie Haegeman

13Natalie Haegeman

19Natalie Haegeman

17Natalie Haegeman

20Natalie Haegeman

What is your favorite kind of lamp shade?


Enjoy the weekend!



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MILIEU magazine photoshoot in Belgium


Dear friends, I do know that you all have heard about the new interior design and lifestyle magazine MILIEU, coming out this Fall !

Earlier this year I posted about MILIEU and my contribution to the magazine HERE.

I try to help Pam Pierce, Houston based founder and editor of this new magazine, finding homes in Europe to be featured in MILIEU.

In order to introduce the magazine to potential advertisers, the team of MILIEU has produced a small issue of the magazine, the MILIEU ‘mini-mag’.

Milieu mag.1Picture source MILIEU ‘mini-mag’


Milieu mag.2Cover of the Milieu mini-mag   Photography by Peter Vitale


Can you imagine how thrilled I was to meet one of the most renown American interior designers in person !?

Since I started blogging and discovered the work of Pam, she became one of my favorite designers.

Previous week Pam and her daughter Shannon, who is also an interior designer based in Dallas, came over to Belgium to attend the photoshoot of a Belgian house.

We really did have a great time together! Pam and Shannon are wonderful people! It was so nice talking to both, mother and daughter. Besides interior design, we also talked about architecture, landscaping, family and food. I even learned about Tex Mex! Which is a mix of Mexican and Spanish dishes prepared in Texas-style. I do have to try this when I visit Pam in Houston!

Pam really is dedicated to her job and she knows a lot about European style !!!


Aren’t the pictures published in the MILIEU ‘mini mag’ just gorgeous? Very promising if you ask me!

Milieu mag.3Picture source Milieu ‘mini-mag’   Photography by Peter Vitale


For those who aren’t yet familiar with the work of Pam and Shannon, I posted some pictures of their design work here.

Pam Pierce 1One of my favorite rooms, designed by Pam Pierce. Source website Pam Pierce Designs  Photography by Peter Vitale

Pam Pierce 3A mix of old and new in the living room of Pam’s Houston house. Source Veranda Photography by Laura Resen

To see more of Pam Pierce Design, please visit her website at


Shannon Bowers 1Source website Shannon Bowers

Shannon Bowers 4Source website Shannon Bowers  Photography by Stephen Karlisch

To see more of Shannon Bowers Design, please visit her website at


Back to the photoshoot in Belgium.

Claude Smekens, which is a Belgian photographer, specialized in interior design photography, was asked to do the photoshoot of the house.

Photoshoot Belgium MILIEU Magazine Belgian photographer Claude Smekens making his debut for MILIEU magazine.

To discover Claude’s work, please visit his website at


When I contacted the home owners of this house, months ago, I was pleased to hear that they were so enthusiastic about having their house photographed for MILIEU! 

I can’t wait to see the featuring of this house in the MILIEU magazine!

You will love the house, which is so beautifully decorated by the talented home owners.

Mosaic 1Belgian house  Mosaic pictures by me


I hope I made you curious about this new mag and hope that you all will subscribe to the quarterly print magazine MILIEU.

A huge thank you to the warm-hearted home owners for their hospitality and to Claude, who has done an amazing job by taking a wonderful photoshoot of this Belgian house to be published in one of the first issues of the brand new Magazine of Style MILIEU.

We are all looking forward to the launch of MILIEU this Fall !

For questions about advertising rates, please go HERE.

For subscriptions, please go HERE.

To visit the MILIEU Blogroll, please go HERE.




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Short trip to London


On Monday Jan and I had to go to London for business. After our meeting we only had a couple of hours left before catching the train back to Belgium. So we rushed to Pimlico Road where a lot of London’s renown antiques dealers are settled.

I absolutely wanted to visit the shop of Rose Uniacke, who is one of my favorite UK based interior designers. It was a few years ago since we visited Pimlico Road and I hadn’t seen her shop before.

6Rose Uniacke, 76-78 Pimlico Road, London

3Me at the shop window of Rose Uniacke.

Rose is an interior designer and antiques dealer as well. She has a passion for fine furniture and accessories and knows as no other how to combine antique and contemporay furniture in all her design work. I absolutely love her sense of style. Entering her shop, we experienced a sense of serenity created by all the white rooms. Rose displays her furniture in a way that ables every single piece to show its own beauty and individuality.

The interiors of Rose Uniacke are characterized by a neutral color scheme, accentuated with rich textures and fabrics.


Do you remember the cover of the november 2011 issue of the magazine The World of Interiors ? I was totally smitten ! The cover showed a kitchen designed by Rose Uniacke.

Cover WICover World of Interiors - November 2011


Jo Malone<br />Rose UniackeSource website Rose Uniacke - Photography by Simon Upton

Neutral tones and rich textures. A lived-in, comfortable feeling.


I share with you some of the pieces that caught my eye visiting Rose her shop at Pimlico Road.

Rose Uniacke -Drawing Room SofaThe drawing room sofa, with tapered mahogany legs which can be ordered in an upholstered version or graciously covered with a linen slipcover as seen on another type of sofa here below.

Rose Uniacke designVarious designs of sofas of the Rose Uniacke collection

Rose Uniacke - Antique BookcaseEnglish Mid-19th Century Bookcase

Rose Uniacke -Pendant Lantern jpgPendant lantern, brass with bevelled glass – Vienna 1900-1910


To discover more of the furniture and decorative items Rose Uniacke has to offer, please visit her website at


We also visited a few other shops at Pimlico Road.



1Jan at the shop of Howe, 93 Pimlico Road, London

Christopher Howe offers an unusually varied stock of rare furniture and objects dating from the 17th through to the 20th centuries. At Howe you will also find gorgeous pieces of furniture, designed by Christopher himself.

Furniture that caught my eye :


Howe - Irish Pawfoot BenchIrish pawfoot garden bench

An original 19th century wrought iron trivet table

Howe -Orangerie ArmchairOrangerie armchair

The shop of Howe at Pimlico Road is worth a visit ! To see more of their stock, please visit the Howe website at




8Jamb., 97 Pimlico Road, London

Jamb Limited has built a reputation with the world’s leading architects and designers for dealing in the finest antique and reproduction chimneypieces, fire grates, and lighting. Will Fisher, the founder of Jamb, has painstakingly acquired one of the most extensive collections of antique chimneypieces in the country, including rare 17th century, Georgian and Regency surrounds, reflecting the architectural design and craftsmanship of William Kent, Isaac Ware, Robert Adam, Henry Cheere and Sir John Soane. (text website Jamb.)

Jamb showroom LondonShop at Pimlico Road     Source Remodelista


Jamb Antique Chimney PieceAntique and reproduction chimneypieces

At Hawker Antiques you will find the antique collection of Will Fisher.


Beautiful Hawker antique pieces that caught my eye :


Jamb - George III Reading Chair A George III Mahogany and Brass Mounted Reading Chair

Jamb - Turtle ShellA 19th Century Polished Blonde Turtle Shell

Jamb - Italian ChandelierA 18th Century Italian Chandelier

To discover the wide range of chimneypieces and the Hawker collection, please visit the website at :




7Arthur Brett, 103 Pimlico Road, London

Arthur Brett furniture has been exclusively made since 1860 in workshops in Norwich, England. Arthur Brett is acclaimed worldwide for setting the highest standard of authenticity, design and craftsmanship for discerning customers who seek the very best expertise in classic furniture for private homes, yachts, corporate projects and four and five star hotels. (text website Arthur Brett)

Years ago,we discovered the beautiful handcrafted, custommade fine furniture of Arthur Brett at interior design exhibitions and as being the owners of a cabinetmaking company, Jan and me do have a huge respect of the Arthur Brett craftsmen who are able to reproduce this exquisite range of fine handmade furniture.


Arthur Brett furniture that caught our eye :


Arthur Brett - Early George III -style custom made bookcases

Custom made bookcases in Early George III-style

Arthur Brett - Regency style chaise longueRegency-style chaise longue in mahogany

Arthur Brett - Pet PavilionAdam style pet pavilion

To know more about the Arthur Brett fine furniture, please visit their website at




4Paolo Moschino for Nicolas Haslam, 12 – 14 Holbein Place, London

Nicolas Haslam is also one of my favorite UK based designers. A few weeks ago I received my copy of his new book ‘Folly de Grandeur’, which I absolutely would recommend if you love the English country style homes.

NH Folly de GrandeurCover Folly de Grandeur – Nicolas Haslam

While Nicolas Haslam is concentrating on interior design, Paolo Moschino has taken the ownership of the Nicolas Haslam shop since 1995.

The moment we entered the shop, the shop-assistant was arranging shoe boxes on which was mentionned ‘Belgian Shoes’ !!! We were of course interested in this Belgian product and the assistant told us that the shoes are exclusively available in the UK through Nicolas Haslam Ltd.

NH - Belgian Shoes


Another ‘Belgian’ item for sale at the shop !

Nicolas Haslam - Belgian StoolA late 19th century Belgian stool


To know more about the Nicolas Haslam shop in London, please visit the website at


The last shop we visited was the showroom of the French company ZUBER.

The Zuber factory is the last factory in the world using the 18th century method of hand printing wallpapers, fabrics and leathers with antique and traditional woodblocks.


5Zuber, 42 Pimlico Road, London

We all know the images of the rooms of the Parisian hotel George V where Zuber wallpapers are used.

Zuber - Hotel George V ParisSource Four Seasons-George V

Or the ambassador’s room in the White House in Washington DC, where the walls are covered with the Zuber wallpaper ‘Les vues d’Amérique’.

Zuber 1Source Zuber

To discover the wide range of the Zuber collection of wallpapers, fabrics and leathers, please visit the website at


Link to Pimlico Road :


Maybe now you will all be tempted to book your London short trip !



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