Peaceful, earthy tones interiors

First of all , I want you to know, dear readers and blogfriends, that I am so busy this week, that I really don’t have so much time to blog! So to my blogger colleagues, I would say : ”Sorry that I didn’t comment your posts these days, but I will be back within a few days to read your blogposts” and to all my readers who emailed me : ”Sorry I didn’t emailed back to you yet, but I will within a few days.”!

I am working on a project and today I was going through my files, searching for inspirational images !

I thought it could be nice sharing some of the images which inspired me for some reason.

The images are all of very peaceful interiors and you will notice earthy and sandy tones.

I hope you will be inspired as much as I am!


1. Alessandra Home Interiors


2. Alessandra Home Interiors


3. Alessandra Home Interiors


4. Bates Corkern


5. Source unknown


6. Alain & Brigitte Garnier antiques


7. Source unknown


8. Veranda Magazine


9. Things That Inspire blog


10. Bates Corkern


11. Bates Corkern


12. Alessandra Home Interiors


13. Axel Pairon


14. Alexandra Siebelink Interior


15. Alexandra Siebelink Interior


16. Axel Pairon

I always love to read your comments my friends!


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Weekend announcements


Susan from the blog LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE  launched on her blog a few days ago, a serie called “Her Personal Space…At Home With…”. She asked some bloggerfriends -even me-, to participate and to send her some pictures of a room or a space at home they love to retreat, to take a break.

Past weekend she posted about the favorite spots of Vicky at Room Service~Decorating 101 and about my favorite ones.

If you are interested in discovering my favorite spots to retreat, you should visit Susan’s post HERE.

More blogger favorite spots to see this weekend at Susan’s blog!

The Green Plum Susan

Susan and her dog Sam, nestled at her favorite home spot.

You  will love Susan’s blog! She gives us a lot of decorating ideas!


As this panel with a wall light installed behind.

Love where you live decorating idea


Or the use of this lovely kitchen wall paper!

Love where you live

Thank you so much Susan for giving me the opportunity to participate in this serie!



And there is another Susan I want you to meet! Susan at TWO MAISONS blog. Susan lives in France, in a beautiful village in Provence!

Can you imagine! This postcard view is from the window of Susan’s bedroom!!!


When I saw Susan’s post about her kitchen redo, I was so excited about it, that I wanted all of you my readers, to see it!

This is a picture of her beautiful kitchen door!

Two Maisons kitchen door

Please go to see this ‘before and after post HERE !!! You will love this post and you will certainly love Susan’s blog!!


This week I discovered a new Italian blog , called  MAISON CHARMANTE.

Unfortunately Ididn’t found the name of the author yet. But I enjoyed her posts!

Maison Charmante headerThe author is living in Tuscany and tells a lot about the work at her home in progress .

Maison Charmante house in progress

The author’s house in progress.

And she write a lot of posts of dream houses!

Maison Charmante One of the dream house posts pictures.


And a totally different subject I want to bring up today is about young piano players in my family!

Yes my family counts a lot of piano players. My mother plays the piano, my father did, my brother does, my uncle does,…

And now I want you to meet the youngest two piano players of our family:

My nephew Alex, who is the son of my brother and my youngest nephew Justin, who is my sister’s son.

Both of them have to do their examination within a couple of days! By posting a picture and a video of them on my blog I would encourage them and wishing these boys good luck with the examination!

Alex piano

Alex, who is 14 years old plays the piano for about 4 years now.

Unfortunately I have no video clip of Alex playing the piano.


If you love piano music , then you will enjoy this video of Justin, our youngest piano player in the family!

Justin who is 11 years old plays the piano for 2 years now.

Good luck boys!


And to all of you a wonderful weekend!



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173, Boulevard St.Germain, Paris


Yes, this is the address of the new flagship store of Ralp Lauren in Paris!

What a gorgeous building, isn’t it!


The building has been restored over the past four years and includes six floors of retail space, including a restaurant in the old stable’s called RALPH’S which will strive to serve the best burgers and fries in the city!!!

Sharing pictures of that restaurant is what I wanted to do today! I love the exterior of the building as well as the interior of the restaurant!

Let’s have a look…



The entrance.



The courtyard of the ‘hôtel particulier’.



What do you think? Can you imagine sitting here to have dinner?




I love the way of mixing the seats, upholstered in the typical RL fabric, with the wrought iron French chairs.




Fabulous door!


And on below some pictures of the interior of the restaurant in the RL spirit of course.





This post wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t posted some images of the store!







For those who love to see the making of the new Ralph Lauren flagship store in Paris, you can watch this video.


Well my friends, when we ever join in Paris, we could meet at RALPH’S, boulevard St. Germain,

8 sitting in these cozy seats, while talking and…


…tasting this chilled sweet pea soup with minted crème fraîche.



…enjoying this ‘frozen margarita’, the favorite cocktail of Mr Ralph Lauren.


See you in Paris !!!



image 1 : Here

image 2,9,10,11,12,13,15,16 : Here

image 3,14 : scanned from magazine Residence 07/08 2010

image 4,5,6,7,8,17,18,19 : scanned  from magazine Côté Paris juin/juillet 2010

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Lefèvre Interiors design process

A lot of you, readers and clients, mailed me to ask for posting more “before and after” projects. I know that everyone loves to see before and after images of a project!

So today I decided to wrote a post about a Lefèvre Interiors project, namely the one of our own home library.

It sometimes needs quite a lot of time all the way from the start untill the finish of a project. Let’s say that from the very first meeting with our client till the building up at his home, it takes a few months.

Let’s have a look at the steps to follow by designing a library.


After discussing with our client about his needs and requirements, we start to design a preliminary draft of the project.


Side 1


Side 1

1 Side 2

16 Side 2

4 Side 3

14 Side 3


Side 4

17Side 4

Step 2

Discussion with our client about the proposal and if required, adding some changes to the initial proposal. After the client’s approval, all the required measurements are taken. Now we have to complete the design draft into a techinical design.


Technical design and detail specifiactions of the library room.

Step 3

This technical drawing is moved to our working places and the artisans are now able to start their job : the creation of this library design.

The pictures here are taken at our working place.

9 Side 1


Side 2

7 Side 3


Side 4

Step 4

After having checked even the smallest detail , the room is ready to be delivered to our client’s home for the building up at its final destination.

Depending on the way the wood will be finished (different kinds of patina), it will be done in our working places or at the client’s home.


Step 5

Arriving at our client’s home, there is still a lot of work to do! As you can see here.





Step 6

The ceiling had to be painted afterwords , so protection of the woodwork is required!!!


Step 7

The very last and the most pleasing step for the client, is the decoration of the room with furniture, curtains and decoration accessories.

So finally the results of a good collaboration and teamwork between the client and our company.









The End.


I hope that you, my readers, will be satisfied with this before and after post!?



all images : property of Lefèvre Interiors

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