Oak dining tables

Do you like oak dining tables? In Belgium you can see a lot of variations of them.
We see rectangular, round or ovalshaped tables. They can be light or dark tinted.
And they look all very solid. You will notice also a lot of variation in legs and basement. And they can be made of new (sometimes antiquated) or recuperated wood.
The wood can be unfinished or bleached or even dark tinted.
The dining tables are seen in classic even as in contemporary interiors.

Here you see planks of antiquated oak wood.

A long oak table.

As supports are used trestles here.

Image Lefèvre Interiors

The table is used as a desk!
Image Garnier

A very long table.
Image Rik Storms

Image Garnier

Round table.

Image Garnier

The oak table in a classic interior.

I love this combination with these beautiful modern chairs!

Very simple and straight table.

Dark tinted oak.

Hope you enjoyed these tables and made your choice!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Images from my files. Sorry I do not know all the sources anymore.
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The Style Saloniste and Axel Vervoordt

The Style Saloniste is a blog that I have discovered a few weeks ago and I really want to share this blog with you because Diane Dorran, the author of this wonderful blog has done amazing posts about interior design and interviews with well known designers!
Diane is an author, editor and design lecturer.

Her last post is about the Belgian antiques dealers Axel and Boris Vervoordt!
If you want to find out more about them please visit her blog The Style Saloniste and start reading the interview she did with the Vervoordts!

Boris and Axel Vervoordt



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A walnut paneled bedroom

Today I would like to show you some pictures that I took from a bedroom that our company Lefèvre Interiors designed and which is finished right now. The room is paneled in walnut wood.
I am so sorry that I have no before pictures but I hope you all will enjoy the after ones.

Walnut paneling

This bedhead wall is divided in a large panel flanked with a mirror on both sides of it.
On the left you can see the entrance door integrated in the woodpaneling.
On both sides of the bed you can notice a night table.

A wall to wall wardrobe. Because of the rather small dimensions of the room, I designed a mirrored doubled door that creates the illusion that this room looks bigger.
That door is not a doorway to another room but behind it, is created a space for hanging clothes.

I have always loved the colour and the warmth that walnut wood can give to a room.

The bedclothes are made-to-measure and we selected a matching fabric for the upholstery of the bedtrunk.

This wall to wall wool carpet, which is very soft, we have chosen after a sample of a carpet that my client had discovered once in a hotelroom.
I have thought to put some cushions on that windowseat.

And the only thing left to do is choosing the right fabric for the curtains!

Later on I will show you pictures of the chosen curtains.
Images : Lefèvre Interiors
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Maison Massant, a Belgian chair company

The Maison Massant is a Belgian company that reproduices beautiful chairs and decorative items from the 17th, 18th and 19th century.

Thierry Massant, originally an antiquarian, is the founder of the Maison Massant.

The chairs are identical reproductions of the antique models. They are of fine quality, produced by craftsmen with respect for traditions!

Massant is now an international firm and its range continues to expand.

Around the world the products of Massant are distributed by the best interior decorators and architects. We all know Lars Bolander who is a privileged partner!!

If you want to discover the entire range or if you want to know more about distributors around the world please visit the website of Maison Massant http://www.massant.com/.

Here are some chairs from their range.

French Louis XV couch

Louis XV bench

LXV à la turque bed

French Régence bergère with footstool

LXV Italian chair

Régence rocaille chair

Régence haut dossier armchair

Louis XV doghouse

French early LXV confessional armchair

French Louis XVI sofa

French Transition bergère

Louis XVI noeud chair

LXVI lyre chair

French Directoire Meridienne

English Sheraton armchair

Library ladder

English Queen Ann chair and armchair

Venetian cabriolet armchair

All the chairs and decorative items can be delivered in a lot of different finishings to discover on www.massant.com.
I hope you enjoyed this post!
A wonderful weekend!

All images from the Massant website.

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