Autumn colored Flemish interiors

At this time of the year I love browsing in magazines or in my files to find the most warmest Autumn colored interiors.

Today I sorted out for you some images of Flemish autumn colored interiors ! So if you want to know how we, in the Flemish part of Belgium, love to see our home interior, you certainly will find out more by studying these pictures!


3 Architect François Van Damme)

Always nice to bring in a touch of red as the fabric of this seat here.

Using slip covers for your seats, you can change the color of the fabric every season!


Bringing in wood paneling, you definitely choose for the most warmest interiors.



Subdued colors as these different shades of brown are bringing in the natural colors of autumn.


AM Projects




Try to use a lot of warm colored plaids and cushions.

2 (Unknown)

I have always loved shades of brown and beige for the window treatment.


Try to choose for the right autumn colored table linen.



What do you think of these wood paneled rooms? Aren’t they gorgeous? You almost can feel the warmth of the fire place!


Lefèvre Interiors


Marcus Soudant


A touch of orange always hits the mark in your autumn interior.



Maybe we should change paintings every season. Notice the beautiful colors of the paintings hanging in this Walda Pairon autumn interior!

1 (MTC 2010-5)

Oak doors, oak beams, oak flooring!

4 Arch. Pieter Vandenhout

Architect Pieter Vandenhout


Lefèvre Interiors


Even the choice of the color for your lampshades is important ! Try brown, orange or red!


Dare to paint you walls in red!



Flamant Home Interiors

The last image is one of my favorite images!! I so love the combination of wood and linen fabrics, which is often seen in Flemish interiors!

I hope I have given you a wonderful warm feeling by posting these images of Flemish Autumn Interiors?!

Happy Halloween!



All images without source mentionning : so sorry but I can’t find sources anymore. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if anyone of you knows the source.

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“INTERIEUR” 2010 eye-catchers





This weekend my husband and I went to the INTERIEUR 2010 exhibition in Kortrijk. Every two years this interior design exhibition shows us the latest trends in modern design. A lot of European exhibitors are present, introducing their innovations to the public.

If you want to know more about this fair, please visit the website

I want to share with you some company addresses and new products which catched my eye.




This is a Dutch company that produces beautiful gas and led fireplaces.

They call in famous designers to design a fireplace, as Piet Boon, one of the most talked about designers of The Netherlands.

Tulp 10 (Piet Boon)Gas fire   design Piet Boon

If you want to know all about Piet Boon, visit his website

Tulp 11 (Piet Boon)Gas fire   design Piet Boon


Tulp 7

Gas fire 

Tulp 5

Gas fire

Tulp 3

Gas fire

Tulp 1

Gas fire

Tulp 2

Led fire

Tulp 4

  Led fire

Tulp 9

Led fire

Tulp 8

Even a beautiful teak gas fire  for outside use.

So if you want some further information please visit the website




An Italian company designing beautiful made to measure furniture and paneling.

The doors and especially the paneling caught my eye!

Laura Meroni 1

I really love this dark colored carved rosewood paneling! Very contemporary but very beautiful to me!


Laura Meroni 2 brushed lacquered wood

Brushed lacquered wood cabinet


Laura Meroni 3

Doors available in mapple, cherry wood, walnut, rosewood, oak, teak and wenge.

  Laura Meroni 6

Detail of the wall board with integrated sliding door, carved on both sides. 


Laura Meroni 5

Wooden table with inlaid top.

For further information, please visit the website




Hydrostop is a Belgian importer of bathroom design products.

These designs catched my eyes!

I am so sorry that I can not give you more details about the sinks and the bathtubes, because I did'n’t have enough time to talk to the representative of this company.

But I would not hold you back discovering these products.

Hydrostop 1

Hydrostop 2



What do you think about this elegant bath tube here below? I actually didn’t discover it at the fair, but visiting the Hydrostop website, my eyes catched this bath tube design with the French LXV-styled legs. I hadn’t seen it before! Do you love it? I do!

Hydrostop 3

To see more bathroom designs, please visit the website  




Again a Dutch company that designs and imports high-quality door and furniture fittings in various styles.

And even this company calls in famous designers to design their fittings!

I love to show you the door handles,  furniture and window fittings, designed by (again indeed!) Piet Boon.

Formani (Piet Boon) 11

Formani (Piet Boon) 10

Formani (Piet Boon) 12

Formani (Piet Boon) 8

Formani (Piet Boon) 9

Formani (Piet Boon) 5

Formani (Piet Boon)1Formani (Piet Boon) 2

Formani (Piet Boon) 3

Formani (Piet Boon) 4


Formani (Piet Boon) 6

Formani (Piet Boon) 7 

This company has next to the Piet Boon designs, a wonderful collection from other famous designers to discover!

For further information, please visit the website




Berker is an international company and a supplier of high-quality switches, for all kind of interiors, from the luxurious atmosphere to the industrial look!  They emphasis on quality, design and innovation.

Their switches are in use all over the world.

Let’s see some of their switch ranges.

Berker 7

Berker Switch 3 A switch from the Palazzo range. With marble and mahogany effects and 24 carat gold-plated décor rings.

This piece is like having a jewellery on your wall!


Berker 8

Berker Switch 1

A switch design in Bauhaus style (1930).


Berker 6

Berker Switch 2 Switch from the fine classic style design.


Berker 9


Berker Switch 5 Glas serie switches.


Berker Switch 4 

Crystall ball range.


To choose your individual switch, please visit the website




And last but not least, I want you to meet the mysterious switch collection of the Belgian company NIKO.

The Niko Mysterious wave contral makes life easier! Coming home with your hands full of shopping bags of files? Then you no longer have to put everything down to control the light switch.

The switches are almost invisible integrated into the wall of the woodwork. It adapts itself to the color of the wall. Only a discreet circle remains visible. In the dark this circle lights up with a soft, warm, white glow.

The wave control activates lighting by waving at a distance. When you are 50 cm away from the switch, its edges light up and when you wave within 10 cm, the switch is activated.


Niko 1

You can paint or wallpaper over the switch.

Niko 3

Niko 5



Niko Mysterious socket outlets and media connections can also be integrated into the wall or into the woodwork.

Niko 2 

Niko 6

Niko 4

Discover more about the Belgian Niko Mysterious collection, visit



I hope you will be happy with the addresses of the companies and their innovations I shared with you today!



All images of the websites of the respectively companies.

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