A special thank to all of you!

A few more hours to go and we step into a new year!
It is time to bring a special thank to all of my bloggerfriends and readers!
I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me the past months writing my blog!
I feel so honoured to have met so many wonderful, interesting people among my blogger colleagues and readers!
To me it was a huge adventure starting my own blog and I had no idea that I was going to meet such a wonderful, lovely people as you all are! You are from all over the world, from Canada to South-Africa!
You all have given a new dimension to my life. The new energy that I felt by starting my blog and meeting all of you, was enormous! I want to thank you so much for that!
I hope that you all will stay present the next year! I promise to do my best to bring you more interesting posts in future!

These are my "thank-you" cyber flowers to all of you!

I wish I could send them over!

I propose a toast to all of you and wish you a


See (read) you in 2010!

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Beautiful blogs to discover

If you are like me and you love to discover new blogs, here I will give you 5 blogs I would recommend to visit!

Some of you will have red about Brigitte in one of my earlier posts (here)! Brigitte and her husband Alain run an antiques business in Belgium Garnier Antiques.
A few weeks ago Brigitte started her own blog Brigitte Garnier's Lifestyle. Although it is in its infancy, the blog looks very promising! Brigitte tells us about all things that keep her busy in live, about the beautiful country of Cambodia she fell in love with,...

The orangery at Brigitte her home.

The library corner in her house.

Brigitte's beautiful house in Damme (near Bruges).


2. Lutson Goudleder

Frederic, Lut and Fevy are manufacturing leather that looks ancient! Just stunning!Their company is situated in Gascony, France. To know all about this craftsmanship, please visit their wonderful blog Lutson Goudleder and their website http://www.lutson.com/.

Leather detail 1

Leather detail 2

The beautiful house and factory in Gascony.

3. Interiors

Christelle, the author of this beautiful blog, who probably lives in Paris and in Milan, shows us wonderful images about interiors from all over the world!

A house in the French countryside.

A 14th century mansion in Italy.

4. Green and Stylish

Borjana is an interior designer from Germany and writes about all things green and stylish that inspire her daily life and work.

The beautiful home of Borjana.

Blayne Beacham from Atlanta is a photographer specialized in architectural photography.
All of her pictures on her blog are gorgeous!

I strongly recommand you these wonderful blogs. You will not be disappointed!

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Mountain houses

Wouldn't you love to spend some days, at this time of the year, in one of these charming mountain houses?

Private residence in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The Lodge Park in Mégève, France.

Private residence of Jocelyne Sibuet, owner of the Sibuethotels.
Mégève France.


Private residence in Gstaad : images all scanned from Côté Est Magazine, december 2009
The Lodge Park : images all scanned from Look-Out Magazine, Herfst-Winter 09-10
The Private Residence of Jocelyne Sibuet : images all scanned from Wonen, Landelijke Stijl Magazine, editie 6/2009-2010
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Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to all my bloggerfriends and readers!


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A project that is finished!

Today a few pictures of a project that is nearly finished.
About a year ago we designed a few rooms for the new built house of a client.
The living room, the dining room, the library and the entry hall are now finished.
At this moment I am working on the design of the study room, so I will show you the pictures of this room later when it is finished.
All these rooms are designed by me and the woodpaneling is made by Lefèvre Interiors.

The living room.

The living room.
Oak paneling.

The fire place of the living room.

Living room before.

Living room before.

Living room work in progress.

The door from the living room towards the library.

Detail of the hand carved panel above the doorway.

Now we are stepping into the dining room.

Painted paneling and cabinets for the dining room.

Dining room before.

Above the wainscot paneling the walls are papered.

Detail of the cabinet.

Now we go to take a look in the library. I don't have any picture of the before situation. Sorry for that.

Mahogany for the library.

The first picture on below is a view from the dining room into the entry hall. Here you can see the wallpaper used in the dining room.

Doorway to the entry hall.

The entry hall with the staircase.

Entry hall before.

The frontdoor of the house.

Painted paneling and wallpaper.

View to the cloakroom.

And this is our photographer Jo Pauwels in action!
Most of you do know his work, because Jo is also the photographer of all the gorgeous interiors in the Beta Plus books.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my project!
Have a wonderful Christmas time!

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