Happy to see you in 2014 !




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This year’s last blogpost


Hello my friends,

I do hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy the holiday season!

This is my last blogpost of 2013 !

I hope you enjoyed my 2013 blogposts and hope to bring you more interesting and inspirational posts next year!

I leave you this year with images that show a typical Belgian design style.


7Joris Van Apers – Image souce Pinterest


3Le Chalet Zannier


2Joris Van Apers – Image source Pinterest


1Le Chalet Zannier


9Lefèvre Interiors


See you next year!!!



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Merry Christmas !


Untitled 1

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Christmas Holiday in a Norwegian mountain cabin


Norway is one of the countries on our ‘to visit’ wishlist. Especially this time of the year must be a wonderful time to spend your Christmas holidays in Norway.

Norway is known for its breathtaking nature. Its mountains, fjords and waters, its snowy winter landscape, the Northern lights and so many more.

Let me show you some pictures of Norwegian nature.


Norwegian pine trees that are the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world !

Image 2Image source unknown


The famous Norwegian fjords

Image 32Image source here


The Northern lights

Image 33Image source here


Norwegian reindeers

Image 14Image source So Chic Tendances Deco by Christophe Rocca FB page


Norwegian sled dogs

Image 16Image source So Chic Tendances Deco Chic by Christophe Rocca FB page



Imagine, spending your Christmas holidays in a beautiful Norwegian cabin or lodge…

Image 1Image source here


Wouldn’t it be magical to walk to the entrance door of this fairy tale-like wooden house?

Image 3Image source unknown


And to enter this wooden hallway?

Image 6Image source So Chic Tendances Deco Chic by Christophe Rocca FB page


You just walked into an inviting and beautiful decorated holiday retreat.

25 slettvollImage source Slettvoll


You could change your snowboots for your slippers at this cabin corner.

Image 17Image source Slettvoll


Rooms where the wooden floors are covered with the flat woven and traditional Norwegian patterned tapestry.

Image 18 Source here


Where candles are the only source of lighting…

Image 19Image source Slettvoll


A place to relax,…

Image 20Image source Slettvoll


… to read a good book.

Image 9Image source unknown


If I had the chance to spend the holidays with my family in a Norwegian mountain cabin, then I would make it comfortable for all the family members.

Image 12Image source Odette Welvaars


And while everyone is outside, I would prepare dinner and set the Christmas table.

Image 7Image source So Chic Tendances Deco by Christophe Rocca FB page


Maybe I could bake fresh bread in the oven…

Image 27Image source here

…or I could search for typical Norwegian food receipts in the cabin found cookbook.

Image 21 Cover book Norwegian Cakes and Cookies

I might think I would try the ‘deer antlers’ cookies.

Deer AntlersImage 24Deer Antlers recipe and image source here


After baking time, I would relax in a comfortable fur-covered outdoor chair to enjoy the beautiful mountains…

Image 11Image source unknown


…awaiting the rest of the family to join me to have warm drinks !

Image 10Image source here


Image 15Image source So Chic Tendances Deco by Christophe Rocca FB page


Maybe a cappuccino for everyone ?

Image 23Image source here


I would hand out wam blankets to keep everyone warm.

Image 30Image source Slettvoll

…and I would place the wooden stools around the fire outside.

Image 25Wooden stools from Norwegian company Krosser  Image source here


And when evening falls and all children are tired of playing in the snow,…

Image 31Image source Slettvoll


…I would invite all family members to go inside…

Image 28Image source Axel Vervoordt


…to enjoy the warmth of the cabin interior.

Image 26Image source Slettvoll


And finally we would all gather around the table to have Christmas dinner.

Image 34Image source here


At the end of the evening I would be pretty sure that everyone would have a peaceful night in the beautiful decorated cabin bedrooms.


Image 8Image source here


Image 29Image source Slettvoll


Image 13Image source here


‘God Jul’Image 22Image source here


I like to share with you some (there are so many more!) of my favorite Norwegian interior design related websites and blogs :











And I do have to say that I still miss one of the most fabulous blogs ever, the blog ‘The Essence of The Good Life’ of my Norwegian friend Lene!  I do hope she will ever start posting again! Fortunately we can follow Lene on ‘The Essence of The Good Life’ FB page here.You will fall in love with Norway, visiting Lene’s page.


To all of you and especially to all my Norwegian blogger colleagues and readers ‘ GOD JUL’ !



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Crazy Holiday Rush


Found time to buy all of your Christmas gifts yet ?! I didn’t ! Every year I notice that hustle and bustle crazy busy time before Christmas Holidays.

The previous days I had several clients’ meetings and had to finish design projects. Yes, I was so very busy that I hardly had time to blog or to do my Christmas shopping! So, time to slow down and to enjoy this Holiday Season!


Today I wanted to share a sneak peek into a client’s home. The Lefèvre Interiors’ team designed all doors and paneling, manufactured in the workshop of LEFEVRE INTERIORS.

1Lefèvre Interiors   Picture by me

2Lefèvre Interiors   Picture by me

More photos later.


And I have to share with you this exciting news today!

Did you know that Rose Uniacke, one of my absolutely favorite London based interior designers, won the 2013 Andrew Martin Designer of the Year Award ? The award is the pinnacle of the interior design industry and is described by the London Times as “the Oscars of interior design industry”.

Rose Uniacke has been recognized for her fresh approach to interior design. As the 17th winner of this award, Rose joins a prestigious line-up of the most celebrated and recognized names from the international interior design world.


Congratulations Rose !

3Interior design by Rose Uniacke   Source Rose Uniacke


Enjoy this beautiful time of the year!!!





If you would like us to help realizing your paneling, feel free to contact us at info@lefevre.be

For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website at www.lefevre.be

Season's Greetings 2013

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My home Christmas decoration so far



9On both sides of the frontdoor, we placed a tree without ornaments. I do love the natural look of the Christmas trees.


2On a table in our garden : a lantern, antlers, some pine tree branches and pine cones.


3A pine branch on the wall of the orangery.


1White candles, pine branches and cones in the fire place of the dining room.


5This year we installed the Christmas tree in our dining room. Christmas lights are the only decoration.


8Very simple and very cozy, this decoration in the kitchen.


7A bunch of mistletoe next to the cupper pans.


4A touch of Christmas decoration on a table at the entry.


10Candles, pine branches and cones on the mantle in our living room.


6So far this year’s Christmas decoration!

If you might be interested in my Christmas decoration of last year, click here.

Talk to you soon !



All pictures by me.

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