The exquisite hand-made lighting of Empel Collections

Are you like me and do you have a weakness for beautiful lighting, then I want you to discover the exquisite lighting of


Ron van Empel, the principal of the company EMPEL COLLECTIONS (The Netherlands) designs and creates the most wonderful lamps. From elegant traditional bouillotte lamps to contemporary glamour and Mid-Century chic.

Over 500 designs spread over several collections to inspire you. Ron welcomes any custom request.

“ In our own workshop, we design and create the finest in lighting, from chandeliers and table lamps, to wall fixtures with a wide range of styles, in a vast choice of colors and finishes. The custom options are endless, making our range of lamps stand apart from the rest.” explains Ron on his website.


 78 Article Dutch Magazine Residence, September 2006.


Important detail like luxury lamp holders, switches and luxury silk wiring complete each and every lamp.

There is nothing ‘standard’ about the lamps by Empel Collections. All models can be customized to your specifications in size, color and finish.


It was so hard to decide which lamps I wanted to show you here, I just made a random choice to give you any idea of what the Empel Collections is about.

Be sure to visit the EMPEL COLLECTIONS website and you will discover a wide range of the most beautiful lighting!


Chandelier%20Monaco%20Detail%201  Ceiling lamp with Bouillotte cluster

Louis XVI chandelier

Ceiling lamp


Swing-arm desk lamp


Brigitte bouillotte table lamp

Chambourgh bouillotte table lamp

11.3.09 Canon EOS, Stefan 022



Crystal spheres Mid century series

vintage oval sunburst mirror 007

Diamonds table lamp

Harvard swingarm floor lamp

FC, Dolphin table lamp. 016. 017  One of my favorites : the Dolphin table lamp.



Ceiling%20lamp%20NE,%20Clarckstown%20traditional%20version%202   Classic Candlestick table lamp I just love those candlestick table lamps!

Inspiratie_New_Elegance7These lamps are vintage pieces. Ron van Empel is able to reproduce a similar lamp for you!


The following images are taken in the private house of Ron van Empel, published in the Dutch Magazine More Than Classic, December 2009.








Whether you are renovating or building a new home, Empel Collections can help to prepare for the perfect lighting atmosphere by designing a light-plan.

To discover the complete Empel lighting collection , please click on logo.

Logo Empel Collections

Sumatrastraat 112A


The Netherlands

Phone : 0031 (0) 71 523 23 95


I am sure you will be able to make your choice visiting the Empel Collections website.



All images : website Empel Collections

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Spirits of a kind

Today I want you to meet one of my favorite Dutch interior designers, Anne Noordman and Thong Lei,

the principals of the DECORATION EMPIRE company, based in Gouda, the Netherlands.

I absolutely admire their work! They really work in the same spirit as my company LEFEVRE INTERIORS does. Which means that they bring in high quality materials, furniture and decoration items at their projects and of a most importance, they make an appeal to the very best experts, each of them specialized in their specific craftsmanship, as the furniture maker, the parquet restorer, the patine expert, the glass blower,…

So maybe one day, I have to meet Anne Noordman and Thong Lei.

Architectural Digest quotes their work on the Top 5 of Europe.

The houses Anne and Thong design are free from one style or one trend. Their design is a mix of different styles, cultures and countries.





Although Decoration Empire works on projects around the world, you will often discover a wink to Holland in their interior design.

As you notice here, the Tulips from Holland.



Dutch cabinetry.

I love the Dutch impression of this interior.



  I might think that there will be some Delft pottery displayed here.




The kind of libraries and paneling I love to design and which is more or less the daily occupation of my company, Lefèvre Interiors.



Just gorgeous!









If you want to be absorbed in the beautiful interiors of Decoration Empire, you can order the 2 published books.

Past in PresentPAST IN PRESENT


Inspirational Apartments


The books are both available in Dutch and English.
On my coffee table I have the book Past in Present, and I could look at it over and over again!

To see a preview of the books or to order them, click HERE.

To discover the most beautiful interiors, please visit the DECORATION EMPIRE website. You will not be disappointed!



All images : Decoration Empire website

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