Sliding doors


The use of sliding doors could be a good solution for a possible lack of space in your home and barn sliding doors add a rustic touch to your home.


15Source here


11 Source Splendid Willow


5  Source Pinterest


2  Source Pinterest


3 Source here


16Source here


6 Source unknown


14Source unknown


1 Source here


8  My favorite! Love patina and French profiling.    Source unknown


4 Lefèvre Interiors

Do you love sliding doors? And did you used them in your home?



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A library project

A few months ago Natalie of Natalie Haegeman Interiors contacted us asking for help with the realization of a library project for one of her Belgian clients.

As my company Lefèvre Interiors is specialized in made-to-measure and custom-made cabinetry and paneling, we were very pleased with the opportunity to help Natalie with the project she had in mind.

Natalie started sketching the library and shared thoughts with her client.

14 Plan of the library room.


8 Current situation of the library room.


Many meetings later, my husband Jan took all the required measurements and worked out the technical plan of the library room.

13Lefèvre Interiors technical plan.


Natalie’s client absolutely preferred to use French oak for the cabinetry.

9 French oak in the Lefèvre Interiors warehouse, sorted out for this library project.

36Our warehouse


At this moment, about 3 months later, the execution of the library in the Lefevre Interiors workshop is almost finished.

Before leaving to our client’s home, we always build up the room in our workshop, which gives our craftsmen the opportunity to work out, in a comfortable way, all the details, as placing profiles, corniches,…to make sure the installation at the client’s home will progress as required.


The library built up at our workshop.


As you can see it is a very large room. More or less all cabinets are built up and we now have to place shelving and profiles.




Even the beautiful double doors to the other rooms (I haven’t pictures of them yet) are made in our company and have to be installed next week.

37One of the library glazed double doors.



Our craftsmen at work.

1 Lots of drawers to install.


3 Extending shelf.


4  Small desk drawers.

The library will move to Natalie’s client’s home within a few days!


Jan and me love working together with interior designers and architects. Sharing thoughts about design and construction is an opportunity to learn a lot from each other.


As Natalie is an interior designer, she will decorate this library room with her own collection of fabrics and furniture.

So both, Natalie and me, can’t wait to see this library project finished !

To be continued…




Don’t hesitate to contact Natalie at or to contact me at , if you would love to help us with the design of your library or interior project. We would be pleased to help you.


Here are some library images for your inspiration.

24  Source unknown

23 Source unknown

25 Source unknown

28 Source here

34 Natalie Haegeman Interiors

16Lefèvre Interiors

33 Source here

22Source here

29 Source here

32 Source here

21 Timothy Corrigan


I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



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My book give-away winner and dreaming of summer.


I am very pleased to announce you the winner of my Beta-Plus book give-away!

Congratulations to Cindy of the blog Oakview Cottage!!

I will send Cindy a copy of her favorite new Beta-Plus publication Exclusive Country Houses.

Book give away

Thank you to all of you who signed in for this book give-away!


As the first month of this new year has almost ended, these images of beautiful conservatories and outbuildings make me dreaming of summertime already.I can’t wait to notice the first signs of springtime. Don’t you?


8Source : Desde My Ventana


9 Source : Bijsterveld


10 Source : Eclectic Revisited


3 Source : Mark D. Sikes


7 Source : House & Home


1 Source : unknown


6 Source : Marie Claire Maison


5 Source : Marie Claire Maison


2 Source : Shabby Chic Mania via FB


4  Luc D’Hulst (source here)

I would love to recommend you a wonderful book about conservatories & orangeries of Luc D’Hulst. This Belgian architect designs exclusive orangeries, greenhouses and winter gardens worldwide.

This book is a must have for greenhouse, orangery and winter garden lovers.

DHULST_coverConservatories & Orangeries, The Wonderful Creations of Luc D’Hulst  Ivo Pauwels, Hans Fonk


Talk to you soon!



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Blogmeeting in Antwerp

Friday night (yesterday) we had our first blogmeeting ever with our group of Belgian bloggers! For almost 2 years we shared thoughts through blogging (especially about interior design, because most of us are involved in design in some way), but we had never met each other in person! So, we were all excited about this meeting!

The meeting took place in one of Antwerp’s most famous restaurants ‘Sir Anthony Van Dyck’ , were we had a fantastic dinner.The restaurant is named after the Flemish Baroque painter Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641). And is fully restored in the spirit of the 17th century by the Belgian antiques dealer and art historian Axel Vervoordt. The restaurant is housed in beautifully situated premises, in the historic Vlaeykensgang. Time spent here, is like time spent back in the days of Anthony Van Dyck.


R  Our table was placed in front of the gorgeous fire place.(Picture by me)


The advantage of a blogmeeting is that conversations are easy-going, it feels as we already know each other since a long time, by following each other’s blog.


Animated conversations as you can see!



We all felt embraced by the warm color tones of the restaurant’s interior,and we were enchanted by the pleasant created atmosphere.



And the food was excellent!


2012-24Notice the plastered walls (as an old Venetian plaster technique), the authentic tiled floor and that beautiful wooden bench! (Picture by me)


mosaic5282c0b43bbdcc9094e01e116c1e4d5ff09acd6b Clockwise : Sabine and husband Peter of the Home Interior and Lifestyle Blog; Natalie of Natalie Haegeman Interiors; David of the blog The Neo Lifestyle; my husband Jan; me; Annick of The Stitching Room; Veronique and husband Geert of Malvini; Sandy and husband Yves of the blog Miss Baptista .


Time went by and and before we realized it was time to say goodbye.

I dare to say that we all enjoyed this first blogmeeting. Tone is set for more to come! I am really looking forward to the next meeting and maybe there will be more of Belgian bloggers who would love to join us!


The Restaurant Sir Anthony Van Dyck is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the ‘Belgian Pearls’ I wanted to share with you. You will love it!mosaice027216dd09ac65e328d5891145c4692a706cf6fRESTAURANT SIR ANTHONY VAN DYCK – ANTWERP


I do hope you all enjoyed this post about our first blogmeeting!

Have a great weekend!



PS : You can still sign in for my Beta-Plus Book give-away untill Monday the 23th, midnight (Central European Time). Click HERE.

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