A touch of violet

I really don’t know why, but lately my eyes are drawn to every picture where is shown a touch of violet.

It seems that depending on your mood, you will be attracted to a particular color. I have read somewhere that violet is stimulating the creativity.
Violet represents spirituality, harmony and peace!

Is it because of having a peaceful mood that I am attracted to every touch of violet or is it the color itself that makes me feel peaceful???

Anyway, I would love to share some of my latest favorite images. Maybe they even slip you into a peaceful mood!


Sfeer interieur 396 (Pinterest) source Pinterest


Sfeer interieur 394 (AD) source AD


Sfeer interieur 393 (Tijdloos n°20-2011 Bieke Claessens -Ariane von Rothkirch www.decorvan.be) Interior designer Ariane von Rothkirch  source Magazine Tijdloos n°20 2011  Photo credit Bieke Claessens


Walda PaironWalda Pairon  source unknown


Sfeer interieur 235 (Linda Chase Associates) source Linda Chase Associates


Slaapkamer 190 (VT- Interiors) source VT Interiors


Sfeer interieur 386 (www.vogt-interiors.de)source Philipp Vogt Interiors


Sfeer interieur 400 (Tria Govan photogr. via 1st dibs) source 1st dibs Tria Giovan Photography


Vicki Archer source French Essence  Photo credit Vicki Archer


Did these images brought you into a more peaceful mood?



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What a surprise!!!


I was so surprised, but oh so pleased when my friend Céline, of the French blog Céline Chollet Aquarelles, emailed me that she had a surprise for me and that I had to visit her blog to discover what the surprise was!

Céline had to make some aquarels for a new exhibition in the Musée d'Art Naïf de Noyers-sur-Serein (http://www.noyers-et-tourisme.com) and she decided to make an aquarel of my orangery because the warm color palette and the sober character of the Belgian interiors inspired her, she told on her blog.

Can you imagine how surprised I was landing at her blogpage and discovering this most beautiful aquarel of my orangery?!!


Can you believe Céline realised her aquarel using only a few pictures of my orangery of which I posted some pictures once?!

Here you see  some of the pictures Céline had filed on her computer.foto's 044 

foto's 043

foto's 015

Céline behind her desk, working at the aquarel of my orangery.


And this is the finished aquarel of our orangery!!!Orangery aquarelle Isn’t it amazing??!! I just love it!!


To read Céline’s post about the aquarel, click on logo of Céline Chollet Aquarelles. Céline Chollet Aquarelles

If you don’t know Céline yet, you really should visit Céline’s beautiful blog and discover her most amazing aquarels at http://wwwboitedaquarelles.blogspot.com/

So I am a lucky person to have a friend as Céline! And I do hope to meet her in person one day!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH CELINE !!! You are a wonderful friend!


Wish you all a wonderful and happy weekend!



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Sharing a latest Lefèvre Interiors project


A couple of months ago, one of our clients asked for our services to help them with the renovation of their living and dining room area.

A few years ago we designed and installed their study room. They were extremely satisfied with the result and decided to contact us again for the renovation of the next part of their home.

So I already was familiar with the atmosphere of their beautiful mansion and was excited to start designing the new look of these rooms.

After changing thoughts with my client, I started to create a moadboard.

And Jan and me tried to translate all these thoughts and ideas into a plan.


My  moadboard.MB


General color palette.Color palette 


General Plan.1

As you can see it is a large sized room with heigh ceilings. Gorgeous!

In front of the fire place is situated the sitting area, on the right-hand side of the fire place is seen the dining area and at the far left of the fire place will be created a library corner.


These images our client picked out as inspirational interiors.

The first 3 images as inspiration for the sitting area.Chimney paneling 

Atmosphere 2

Foto 4


The next 2 images as inspiration for the dining area.Atmosphere 3

Atmosphere 1


  We definitely have chosen for linen draperies.Draperies


Example of paneling profiles and stained oak.Paneling


Beautiful profiling. Attention to details !Detail 2



View A   Paneling plan and situation before.View AIn the dining area, on the far right side of the chimney, you will notice a 3 paneled wall.On each panel there will hang a contemporary work of art. Although you will not see any doorhandles, these wooden panels will hide an integrated cabinet. And the lower section is provided with 3 sliding drawers.


Atelier 7This is a picture of the paneled wall with the integrated cabinets,on which our employees are working at this very moment.


View A  Detail chimney paneling and situation before.View chimneyThe existing antique marble chimney was a very important piece in the area which we had to take into account.


View B   Dining area window wall and situation before. View BThis side will be totally paneled, radiator coverings included.

 Atelier 8The radiator covering in preparation at our working shop. Initially the radiator covering was sketched with plain paneling, but our client has finally chosen for the woven wood paneling.


View C   Wall opposite integrated cabinet wall (view A) and before situation.View C To create symmetry in the dining area, the wall opposite of the wall of view A, will be also paneled in the same way. But there are no integrated cabinets here. Again, on each of the wooden panels, a contemporary work of art.


Atelier 9   Paneling of this wall in our working shop so far.


Color palette dining area.Combiantion 6 Grey stained paneling. Beige linen draperies.


Color palette sitting area.Sitting area color palette


New chosen sofas and wingchair, all upholstered in Belgian linen.Sofa combination


Sitting area plan.Floorplan seats


Because my clients definitely wanted a library cabinet and a writing desk in this area, I decided to create a small library corner at the far left side of the room.

I showed them this image of a library cabinet with integrated writing desk… and they loved it!DeskI also recommended to paint the library cabinets in a grey-blue paint to create the illusion being in a different room, apart from the living area. So the chosen paint has to match well with the stained oak wood of the living area paneling.

The painting of the library will be applied the moment the project is installed. The painter will have to apply some color samples to obtain the most suitable combination.


Possible combination of colors of library corner paint and stained paneling.Paint combination

Paneling 2I love the way this paneling is painted. I would love to see this applied on the library cabinet doors.


Library corner   Technical plan and before situation.View library cornerThe piano is moving to another room of the house and a beautiful library wall cabinet will be installed instead.

In the closed cabinet parts all hi-fi and computer appliances will be hided.


Atelier 1 Library cabinets so far!


View D   Library corner window wall and situation before.View library windowsEven the paneling above the windows has to be painted in the same color as the library cabinets.


Upjolstery 1   The existing bergères and footstools will be re-upholstered in a combination of a beige linen and a beautiful floral motif fabric.

I definitely want to share with you this beautiful floral motif fabric I ordered at the British company CABBAGES & ROSES ! Isn’t it amazing that blogging ables us to discover the most wonderful addresses around the world ???!!! As I discovered the beautiful Cabbages & Roses blog a few months ago.

Stof Cabbages & Roses Paris Rose color BlueFabric Paris rose    Cabbages & Roses


Library corner color palette.Combiantion 5


At this moment I am looking for the appropriate furniture pieces, decoration and lighting to finish this project.Decoration


Atelier 5 The different parts of the project have to be stained now, before leaving our working place to be installed at our client’s home.

On Thursday this week, our employees will start to install the project !


Client's home 5Client’s home this morning! Ready for a wonderful new look!


To be continued…


I do hope that you enjoyed this post about this latest Lefèvre Interiors’ project !

I am so thankful to my clients who gave me permission to share their project on my blog.

I promise to post ‘after’ pictures within a few weeks.



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