Famous Belgian kitchen


The Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants, renovated its kitchen by the Belgian company, Maes Inox.

Maes Inox was already asked to build a kitchen for some Belgian top restaurants and earlier this year the company was commissioned to build a new and high-end kitchen for the Danish restaurant Noma.

Noma was chosen as the world's best restaurant several times over the past years, and the chef René Redzepi has built a solid reputation for his innovative approach.

Noma is the hardest restaurant in the world to get into, with some 20,000 daily reservation requests !

Noma first opened in November 2003 and after 10 years of being up and running, the restaurant has gotten a complete kitchen makeover.

6Noma 3D kitchen  Image source http://www.maesinox.be

Inside the kitchen you notice empty space in order to create plenty of room to maneuver. All of the equipment has been hidden away. Stainless-steel countertops have been replaced by dark granite with compartments for tools built right in.

3Noma’s new kitchen  Image source here

4Noma’s new kitchen  Image source here

As a Belgian, I am very proud that our Belgian company Maes Inox was commissioned to build the kitchen for this renowned restaurant.

For more information about MAES INOX, please visit their website



As an interior designer I also would love to share with you a few images of the Noma restaurant’s interior that was renovated last year (2012) by the Danish studio Space Copenhagen.

2Entrance of the restaurant Noma  Image source here

The designers have replaced the brown hues of the original interior with muted black and grey tones.

They used organic materials such as wood, stone, leather, brass and linen, that age beautifully over time and that create an honest and earthy feel.

5Restaurant Noma - Interior design by Space Copenhagen  Image source here

Fur cloaks hanging over the chairs.

7Restaurant Noma - Interior design by Space Copenhagen  Image source here

The renovation gave the restaurant a more cosy Nordic feel.


For more information :

NOMA http://noma.dk




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For the love of wood


I might think that everyone of you agrees that bringing in wood, gives the home a warm and cosy feeling.

Even in contemporary and more modern designed interiors, the use of wood seems to be crucial to create the cosiness of a room.

Today I wanted to share some examples of non-traditional wall paneling and wall covering that really look gorgeous to me.

WoodImage source : Pinterest


For your viewing pleasure !

1Image source : Pinterest


6Interior design by Kerry Phelan Design Office


I absolutely love the sandblasted oak wall covering of one of my favorite designers Pierre Yovanovitch.

2Interior design by Pierre Yovanovitch


13Interior design by Pierre Yovanovitch


8Interior design by Todhunter Earle Interiors


5Interior design by Todhunter Earle Interiors


10Interior design by Guilherme Torres  Image source : here


9 Bedroom in the London Edition Hotel by Yabu Pushelberg & Ian Schrager  Image source : Pinterest


Again walls covered with sandblasted oak in this bedroom designed by Pierre Yovanovitch.

3Interior design by Pierre Yovanovitch



And I absolutely wanted to share some remakable store wall coverings I discovered recently.


Modern store design at clothes store in Miami 100% Capri

Wooden screens covering the walls.

7Giachi Architettura e Design   Image source : here

15Giachi Architettura e Design   Image source : here


At the Aesop hair and skin care shop on Newbury street in Boston, William O’Brien.Jr. covered the shop’s walls in wooden cornices and created even a functional shelving.

12Design by William O’Brien  Image source : here

4Design by William O’Brien  Image source : here


What do you think about these examples of non-traditonal wall covering ?

Do you love it or do you feel more for the traditional way of paneling?

Let’s talk!




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Our company featured in Belgian Newspaper DE TIJD


I am pleased and honoured to announce that the Belgian Newspaper DE TIJD / L’ECHO featured our company Lefèvre Interiors in the today’s edition of their weekend luxury lifestyle magazine SABATO.


The picture is taken in our living room we recently panelled.NLText Thijs Demeulemeester / Photography Thomas De Bruyne

Article in SABATO (16/11/2013), the weekend luxury lifestyle magazine of the Belgian newspaper



Cover SABATO – DE TIJD/L’ECHO 16/11/2013CoverSabato De Tijd/L’Echo

To discover the article on line, please click here (Dutch) or here (French).


A special thank you goes out to this newspaper’s team !


The paneling in our living room is made by the craftsmen in the workshop of Lefèvre Interiors.

Lefèvre Interiors workshop

Paneling Lefèvre Interiors



I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend !



If you would like us to help realizing your paneling, feel free to contact us at info@lefevre.be

For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website at www.lefevre.be

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Black or white ?


Hard to choose!


7Source Pinterest


3 House of Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier in Paris    Source Pinterest


9Source Pinterest


6Source Kendall Wilkinson


Happy weekend !



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Christmas setting with Belgian designed festive ornaments and trinkets


Dear readers, Christmas time is coming our way and we do have to start thinking about our Christmas decorations !

If you would love to impress your guests with a richly adorned Christmas tree this year, you absolutely will love the Christmas ornaments designed by the Belgian company Goodwill M&G.

Goodwill M&G designs and makes gorgeous seasonal decorations and accessories that are sold all over the world.

Today I take you to the house of Jean-Paul and Isabelle Meus, the owners of the Antwerp based company Goodwill.

Every year the family Meus enjoys the ritual of dressing their Christmas tree and decorating their home, by opening their treasure boxes full of glass baubles, figurines and trinkets, collected over the years.


A red and amber Christmas wreath embellishing the front door.

SHOOT-814-156519-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


The red walls of the entrance hall are the perfect backdrop for the ten-foot tall Christmas tree, which is dressed to impress.

SHOOT-814-156463-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Some of the nostalgic Christmas tree ornaments

SHOOT-814-156425-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens

SHOOT-814-156400-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens

SHOOT-814-156391-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Chimney candle-holders…

SHOOT-814-156436-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


…and flickering tealights.

SHOOT-814-156446-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


The dining table is covered with a rich velvet cloth. Isabelle Meus painted the chairs in eye-catching colours.

SHOOT-814-156281-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


The table candle-holders are chosen to match the dining room colour palette.

SHOOT-814-156264-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Florist Vincent Moens designed this festive artwork, which is a cluster of branches wrapped in moss and wire and hung with glass icicles.

SHOOT-814-156380-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Glass icicles

SHOOT-814-156382-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Red berries on the kitchen table. And a coloured bauble wreath decorates the kitchen hood.

SHOOT-814-156587-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


Bauble wreath

SHOOT-814-156615-bewerktPhoto credit Claude Smekens


To discover the Goodwill Christmas Collection, please visit the Goodwill webshop by clicking on the Goodwill logo.


For those who are regular visitors of Maison & Objet in Paris, I want to let you know that Goodwill M&G will participate Maison & Objet Paris 2014 (24/01/2014 - 28/01/2014).


If you are interested in seeing more of the beautiful Belgian house of Jean-Paul & Isabelle Meus, a featuring of their house can be seen in the latest issue of the British magazine Homes & Gardens and in the latest issue of the Belgian magazine Tijdloos wonen.

Cover Magazines


I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas decoration post !




All pictures in this article are posted with the approval of photographer Claude Smekens.

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