Meet David

Today I want you to meet David, my blogger colleague from Belgium! His blog The Neo Lifestyle is a beautiful blog about all beautiful things that inspire David.

Image on David's blog.

So he has written yet a lot of intresting articles , as of the apartment he lives in (here).

A view from David's apartment.

David dreams of ever living in a country house (here).

David's future country house interior.

He wrote about a party at the castle of Axel Vervoordt (here), about the beautiful Museum of Nissim de Camondo in Paris (here) and about the gorgeous Hotel Verhaegen in Ghent (here)

A party at the Castle of Axel Vervoordt

Museum de Nissim de Camondo

Hotel Verhaegen

And through his blog I learned to know the interior designers Sandra Nunnerley (here) and Garrow Kedigian (here).

Sandra Nunnerley

Garrow Kedigian

So please go to visit David's blog The Neo Lifestyle and enjoy all of his articles and beautiful images!


all images The Neo Lifestyle blog
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Art meets architecture

Yesterday, Jan and I were invited by a building contractor to vist their newest model residence. A beautiful English country house constructed of brick covered with lime mortar and oak wood frame, covered with roof tiles.

A water colour of the house.

It was the first time that we were invited to a presentation of a house of which the interior was not finished yet! Only the construction was finished.
But to me it was a splendid idea because the house is for sale now and so the future owners will have the ability to choose the interior design and flooring after their wishes.
Hopefully the new owners will choose for my company Lefèvre Interiors for the interior design!

The entrance of the house.

The backside of the house.

Notice the bow that is formed by roof tiles!

Beautiful window.

Outside, on a board, there were seen pictures from the start to the finished construction.
Very nice to see!

Picture of that beautiful window, view from the inside.

Inside the house you could study the plans of the house.

A fantastic idea of the contractors was, that they brought in some pieces of furniture to create some atmosphere in the house! Wonderful really, as you can see on the pictures here below.

On the invitation card was mentionned "Art meets architecture".
And indeed there was the presence of an art dealer with some wonderful pieces of art!

Jim Dine

Jim Dine

Jim Dine

Bernar Venet


Do you like the house? Tell me!

contractor : Tradiplan Villas & Renovations
architect : François Van Damme
art dealer : Guy Pieters Gallery

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Engravings of bunches of grapes

This week I told you about the Castle of Leeuwergem where I discovered the company Lex Antiqua , that sells beautiful engravings.
To me, engravings are real pieces of art.
So I fell in love with these 4 engravings of bunches of grapes.
These are dated 1820 and hand-coloured bij English craftsmen.
Now I just have to find the right frames for them, and then I will hang them at home in our orangerie.

This picture I took yesterday. A bunch of grapes of my own grapevine.

The grapevine growing at the wall of our orangerie. Gorgeous isn't it?
I am so proud of it!
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The Castle of Leeuwergem

Some of you will have noticed that I love visiting castles.

Earlier I wrote about the Castle of Nokere (here), about the Castle of Beloeil and the Castle of 's Gravenwezel ,where Axel Vervoordt lives (here).

Belgium has a lot of beautiful castles and some of them you can visit for the entire year, others only once a year such as the Castle of Leeuwergem, that we visited yesterday because of the garden exhibition which is an annual tradition.

A lot of exhibitors expose their garden related products.

The castle was built during the years 1762-1764 and is surrounded by a 32 hectare park and there is a combination of classical French gardens and a romantic English garden.

The castle even features an internationally celebrated open air theater.

The domain is privately owned by the Baron and Baroness Baudouin della Faille d'Huysse.

The baron and baroness.

The beautiful frontdoor of the castle.


You can hear the horsecoaches arriving on the bridge...

This is the renowned open air theater which is surrounded by beechhedges and beech trees. This provides excellent acoustics.

Oranjerie with her beautiful windows.

Castle is surrounded by water.

The park.
In the distance you can notice 2 sphinxes where the English-styled garden starts.

Grazing horses.

The coach house.

And here below I show you some pictures that I took yesterday by visiting the garden exhibition.

Wonderful plants to buy.

The baron has won a price for the restoration of the oranjerie in 1992. He did the restoration in a perfect compliance with the French style.

Beautiful engravings to discover in the orangerie.

You could even learn more about the different kind of owls!

Jan was interested in sharping knives.

I would love to have this ornament in my garden!

The vegetable garden.

Me and Ralph.

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