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I have to admit that I do have a weakness for antique cupboards. This type of furniture can be placed in several rooms of the house and can be used for different purposes. They can be functional or they can be used as a decorative piece of furniture.

In a dining room they can be used as display cabinets, in a kitchen they can be used as storage. You even can use them as curiosity cabinets in your study room.


A beautiful antique cupboard in a house in France.

1Photo credit James Balston   Image source here


Beautiful cupboard in the dining room of Brigitte Garnier.

3         Photo credit Miguel Flores-Vianna   Image source Veranda Magazine March 2011  


   This cupboard Brigitte Garnier placed in her kitchen, has a functional use but even looks very decorative.  

4Image source Vivere Country Magazine 2011   Photo credit Claude Smekens


Another beautiful antique cupboard at Garnier Antiques. French oak cabinet with painted interior.



French 18th century painted cupboard I placed in my sister’s home.

6Lefèvre Interiors


A cupboard used as a ‘cabinet de curiosité’ in the study room of Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen.

3a38cb329faa50b016b3f5307268fc8aPhoto credit Claude Smekens


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