Beautiful finds

I would love to share with you today some new finds I really love.


As this beautiful wall lamp, X-form, made by a master-blacksmith, I found at EMPEL COLLECTIONS.

10image source :


The  Empel Collections wall lamp used in a project of Ruys Interiors.11image source :


Antler wall lamp at DAVID HUNT LIGHTING.

13image source :


This gorgeous French styled bench at JULIETTES INTERIORS.

28 image source :

Detail of the bench.

29 image source :


Or this beautiful French LXV-styled bed headboard also at JULIETTES INTERIORS.

15 image source :

Detail of the board.

14 image source :


The checkerboard patterned chest at MOISSONNIER.

12 image source :


And of course a few Belgian finds!

This beautiful sconce with handmade shades at NATALIE HAEGEMAN INTERIORS.

19 image source :


Natalie is specialized in handmade lamps and shades! She will start her webshop soon! This will able us to order the most beautiful lamps and custom made shades!

20 image source :

For a preview of Natalie’s collection, please follow her at Facebook  HERE .

To read my earlier posts about Natalie Haegeman Interiors, go here and here.



CAROO ZELLIGE shop in Brussels.

A wonderful shop were you can find the most extented collection of the Moroccan Zellige tiles!

It’s worth a visit!! Here.

26image source :

21 image source :

25 image source :

22 image source :


And what do you think about this Belgian hand made, 4 m long monastere table ‘Pierre’, found at MALVINI FURNITURE FACTORY.

30image source :

Detail of the table.

31 image source :


And I am very pleased to announce you a new discovered beautiful Belgian blog, named THE STITCHING ROOM.

You will discover beautiful creations you can order online!

32image source :

17 image source :

18 image source :


To visit this new discovered Belgian blog, click on logo.

Logo ___

What are your thoughts about my new finds?! I would love to hear about it!



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