The Pottery Art of Hilde De Bruyn



When I discovered the beautiful work of the Belgian artist Hilde De Bruyn, I was smitten!!

Already more than forty years Hilde De Bruyn mainly manufactures handmade, solid, functional and decorative objects in stoneware.

Next to the art of turning clay, Hilde is even creating porcelain pottery.

All vases, plates, teapots, tableware etc. stand out through their shape and simplicity.

Hilde took part in several Belgian exhibitions.

Her work is on display and for sale in her own atelier and shop ‘Den Stenen Pot’.

Let us take a look at some of Hilde’s beautiful creations.


562833_3889684677978_1328020798_nVase with glazing decoration




2012-08-17_165255Hilde at work


35742_1505283629442_4685178_nPaper clay bowls


41062_1581877944252_4810382_nTo use as a water jug or a vase!




15137_1293191847280_5111005_nPorcelain pots




26486_1368248643653_3179497_nFlower planters


226734_1027973096977_8750_nTwo-colored bowls


227979_1027972936973_7646_nGorgeous porcelain bowl!! One of my favorites!


229074_1027972376959_3867_nBill board at Hilde’s workshop.


To see more of Hilde’s gorgeous work, please visit her website at WWW.HILDEDEBRUYN.COM


577685_3889649077088_2059671594_nDisplay of Hilde’s creations in her workshop




Moutstraat 17

9300 AALST



As Hilde lives in our neighbourhood, I am sure we will visit her soon and take some of Hilde’s creations home.



All pictures posted with permission of Hilde De Bruyn.

Photo credit : Hilde Gilbos

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