Weekend decoration tips

As we do have a long weekend here in Belgium, I invited some friends to come over!

So I was browsing into my ‘decoration tips’ file. Since I started blogging I filed a lot of inspirational images which are very helpful whenever I have to create my tablesetting or if I want to redecorate my home bringing in only a few little changes. As I was printing some of the images, I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share them with you.


First thing I always think about are flowers! I can’t imagine my house without flowers!

21Source here


3 Source here


5I love this silver bowl filled with flowers.  Source here


4Or this marble mortar filled with roses!  Source here


7Even in th kitchen I love to bring in flowers.  Source here


6A vase with flowers on the kitchen table.  Source here


Not only inside the home, but even outside I love to see decorations with flowers.

9Unfortunately I only have one of these Hermès bags!  Source unknown.


2Love this way of decoration.  Source here


And the second thing I think about is ‘how to decorate the guests’ powderroom.

31With a touch of flowers and a some candle light. Picture by me


29Love this basket filled with soap lathers. Source here


32Gorgeous idea!! I need to find these boots!  Source unknown


And after this, I love to decorate my bowls and plates with fruit. This is very inviting, isn’t it?

30Source unknown


13And I love to see pots and jars filled with herbs, on the kitchen shelves.  Source here


And then…the atmosphere bringer : lots of candles! In all variations.

12 Source unknown


10Source here


14 Source here


11Love this!  Source here


After all candles are given the right place, I start thinking about redecorating some room corners.

15Ceramic jars and table lamp, wooden spheres and flowers, brought together in a group.  Source unknown


16I am going to try to create a still as this here! Gorgeous!  Source here


The moment I am satisfied with all this, I start thinking about how to serve the food and how to set my table.

22Apero time!  Source here


28 Source unknown


One of the most important things to create a succesful tablescape, is the way you display the napkins. Don’t you agree?

What will I do?

17Do you prefer to display them in this way?  Source here


25Or this way?  Source here


26Or this one with the key! Isn’ t this lovely? I found it at Jermaine’s blog French Kissed.  Source here


Die mit Rosenknospen bestickten Hohlsaumservietten werden mit Schleifenband umbunden. Wahlweise werden echte Rosen oder Kuchengabeln mit Rosenmotiv hineingesteckt.<br />Feine Gestecke Ohne Rosen oder Rosenstickerei kommen die Hohlsaumservietten nicht auf den Tisch. Ein hellblaues Schleifenband hält alles zusammen ? Kuchengabeln sind auch mit im BundOr should I go for the roses?  Source here


20 Source here


And yes of course, candles on the table! Always!

19 Source unknown


After dinner, dessert time.

1A dessert tray with strawberries and cookies!  Source unknown


8Or a fruit buffet.  Source here


27Don’t forget candies for the children.  Source unknown


And now it’s time to start cooking!


24 Source unknown

It promises to be a succesful evening ! Don’t you think?


I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!



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