Garden update and beautiful outbuildings


Good morning my dear readers! How are you today?

This is my first day of the new working week as we enjoyed a long weekend here in Belgium! Unfortunately the weekend started with some bad weather, it was rather chilly and it rained a lot! We had planned to work in our garden for a few days and although the weather wasn’t excellent, Jan and Anthony started planting boxwood.

17Boxwood plants arrived last week.


15Jan and Anthony first planted boxwood hedges in order to become 4 compartments in which the boxwood balls had to be planted.


20 Boxwood hedges.


Unfortunately they had to wait to plant the boxwood, because the ground was too wet! It had rained too much the earlier days.

So Jan decided to finish some other jobs he had planned to do this weekend.


19 He planted small apple trees in the planters at our outbuilding.


16 Jan made the planters of oak wood that was left of the boarded oak used to build our garden outbuilding 3 years ago.


18 The apple tree in blossom. Isn’t it lovely?


We are all looking forward to summertime here in Belgium! We really need sunshine! It is still too cold for the time of the year!

I hope we will soon be able to enjoy our outbuilding!


Here are 2 pictures of our outbuilding, taken last year.


Notice our planters without the apple trees.


I posted a few favorite images of outbuildings and garden houses here today.


2 Image source : Beatrix Kleuver


9 Image source : Desde My Ventana


10 Image source : here


6  Image source : here  Photo credit : Emannuel Barbe


5 Image source : here  Photo credit : Emannuel Barbe


12 Image source : Cottage & Garden via FB


4 Image source : here  Photo credit : Stephen Clément


11 Source :  here


Talk to you soon!



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