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Today I want you to meet 2 of my favorite Belgian artists!

I was introduced to their sculptures, at Belgian lifestyle, interior design and garden shows, where both artists had a booth.



Martine’s figurative and non figurative statues and sculptors in terra cotta and in bronze are known in Belgium and abroad, because Martine is often attending to national and international exhibitions.

I have always loved Martine’s sculptures since I was introduced to her work a few years ago. The statues and sculptures express a strong ‘need to interaction’ with the spectator and are inviting us to descend into our own silence.


Martine Bossuyt about her work:

‘Often I am searching without knowing to what. Only at the moment of finding, you can say more about it, but because it almost never happens, you stay there circling around. That's life for me. Even in my work I experience that constant search. All things surrounding me, keep me busy, even the age-old question about what could be my relationship to it. I see something, I am surprised, I absorb it and feel the need to express it again into another form. I want to place a reality in another context, a more visible one. This is only possible by adding something: words in poetry, colours on canvas, sculptures in clay.’   (Dutch text on the website of Martine, translated by me)







g_DSC00003%20kopieNotice the expression on the faces of these statues.






Martine’s work ‘Versteende kwetsbaarheid’ (1999) proves, among other, that she is a very socially engaged woman. ‘Versteende kwetsbaarheid’ (english translation: petrified vulnerability) is the title, she gave to her life work : a group of 1000 terracotta statues. The integral revenue went to KOESTER, a children’s cancer foundation in Ghent.

g_IMG_3335‘Versteende kwetsbaarheid’     Exhibition Lakenhallen Ieper (1999)


The terra cotta statues of Martine’s life work are fabulous, aren’t they?!


Martine at work.2012-05-10_102752

All above images :  website Martine Bossuyt

To see more of Martine’s beautiful sculptures, please visit her website

Martine Bossuyt
Maloulaan 7
8900 Ieper

Tel. 0032 57 20 77 01





His love for animals, mainly horses, grew into a passion and is now the essence of his sculptures. Ronny’s passion became his profession.

Ronny models in wax and clay. His sculptures are all ‘animals in motion’.

The artist, who is a horseman and a horse driver in heart and soul, is giving shape his emotions into the most wonderful statues in terracotta and bronze.










Isn’t that gorgeous?! Statue of a group of horses on the beach.beelden%20strand%20024

Maybe I should ask Ronny to model my sweet horse Mango one day!



The artist himself with one of his ‘horses in motion’.8%20b

All above images : website Ronny Paesbrugghe

If you love horses or you just love Ronny’s sculptures, and you want to know more about the artist and his gorgeous work, please visit his website or contact Ronny Paesbrugghe at

Ronny Paesbrugghe
't Lindenhof
Lindesteenweg 10
8647 Pollinkhove (Lo-Reninge)



I hope you enjoyed this post about my favorite Belgian sculptors!




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