Belgian inspired design in a Houston Home


Not so long ago I came across the beautiful website of the talented interior designer Katrin Cargill. She works out of London and collaborates closely with Carol Glasser Interiors in Houston.

Carol and Katrin have worked together for many years.

I especially loved the pictures of a Houston Town House interior, designed by Carol Glasser. The design is definitely Belgian inspired.


In this first picture of the dining room I immediately recognized the slipcovered folding chairs by Axel Vervoordt.

And notice the oak table top and (propably) Belgian linen draperies.


7Carol Glasser Interiors


Folding chair Home Collection Axel Vervoordt.2012-08-06_132622Source Axel Vervoordt


The folding chairs around the table at Axel Vervoordt’s Venetian Palazzo.Foto 1 Source Architectural Digest – Photo credit Mario Ciampi


Axel Vervoordt - The folding chairs around a table at the Castle of ‘s Gravenwezel.50 Source here


Plastered walls. Slipcovered sofa and metal based coffee table.5Carol Glasser Interiors


Sofa in the living room of Brigitte & Alain Garnier. 42Garnier Antiques


Metal based coffee table with wooden top.33Garnier Antiques


Coffee table at the house of Hilde & Mark Mertens of AM Projects. Notice also the limepainted walls.34AM Projects


Sofa Brian Junior Home Collection Axel Vervoordt 2012-08-06_133039Source Axel Vervoordt


Coffee table Ghyca Home Collection Axel Vervoordt 2012-08-06_222047Source Axel Vervoordt


13Axel Vervoordt


Table lamp made of Han vase.40Garnier Antiques


‘Os de mouton’ sofa.3Carol Glasser Interiors


Sofa ‘Os de mouton’ Home Collection Garnier Antiques.41


Sofa ‘Os de mouton’ Home Collection Garnier Antiques.2012-08-06_220403


The walls have no skirting which you often see in Belgian houses.1Carol Glasser Interiors


Even the decorative items are placed in a the way seen at Axel Vervoordt.14Source Axel Vervoordt


Bronze bowls.43Garnier Antiques


32Garnier Antiques


Beamed kitchen ceiling. Wicker chairs.8Carol Glasser Interiors


Kitchen of Brigitte & Alain Garnier.29Source Garnier Antiques via Beta-Plus publication ‘Building With Reclaimed Materials’. – Photo Credit Jo Pauwels


Interior design by Axel Vervoordt.Foto 835 (Heeren hillewaere) - kopie Source here


Wicker chairs around my kitchen table.SHOOT 469-LEFEVRE-002271 Lefèvre Interiors – Photo credit Claude Smekens


Belgian inspired kitchen.9Carol Glasser Interiors


Beamed ceiling28AM Projects


The use of linen for the sofa upholstery and window treatment. Wine table with table tamp made of a Han vase.10Carol Glasser Interiors


Club George Home Collection Axel Vervoordt.21Source Axel Vervoordt


Footstool Anna/Victoria Home Collection Axel Vervoordt.22 Source Axel Vervoordt


36AM Projects


2012-08-06_215031Natalie Haegeman Interiors


536375_366170756759847_100001007787935_1019105_1389620900_nWorld of Interiors


To see more pictures of the Houston Town House, please visit the website of Carol Glasser Interiors or Katrin Cargill here and here.


More beautiful home projects at :


If you love to give your home interior a Belgian touch, please visit the following websites of Belgian designers and antiques dealers. I am sure you will find the furniture pieces and decorative items you are looking for.


Have a wonderful week!



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